Cats can be some very vocal little beings. Unfortunately there is no quick-to-learn course available in cat language, but we here at Article Cats feel there is depth to those meows and have done a little research to try and help you connect on a deeper level with your favorite feline. Behold…..

The Article Cats Kitty Video Dictionary!


Translation: Hey


Translation: Keep that backrub going or the claws will come out


Translation: Petting is needed or I’ll take out your best curtains

Growl or Hiss

Translation: I F*&#ing told you don’t stop rubbing my back!


Translation: And now I eat your face!


Translation: I will kill it. I will eat it. I want it!


Translation: What the shit is going on here or the possible I need to get laid.


Translation: It’s about time you gave me what I wanted.

And last but not least…

Translation: I don’t need you to translate. I F*&#ing said NO!


What other cat translations do you know?





Audrey Sparks
Audrey Sparks
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