A great new video making the rounds this week shows the ingenuity of a group of tour guides as they set out to save a wild boar that was trapped on a frozen lake, and it got us thinking about winter animal rescues. What better way is there to warm up that old, cold heart of yours than by taking a feel-good jaunt down animal rescue lane that just about everyone, who isn’t a soon-to-be serial killer, can appreciate?

Wild Boar Curling

In a video entitled “Wild Boar Curling,” one of four boars is seen struggling to walk on the slippery surface of a frozen lake when a group of skaters come to the rescue.

Using their poles, designed to assist with trekking across the ice, they turned the beast into a giant curling stone, gingerly pushing it back onto dry land.

Pups In The Snow

In this rescue video from 2014, the good ol’ folks at the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) dive headfirst into what any honest Hobbit would call a respectable den in order to save a group of stranded puppies.

At just over 2-minutes long, this video is sure to give you the feels.

The Polar Express… Straight Into The Water

If you haven’t seen this clip, then you are in for a real treat. A classic segment from Discovery’s “Untamed and Uncut,” in which a 300-pound polar bear is found stranded on the side of a rocky cliff in Newfoundland Canada and it is up to a group of trained rescuers to save the frightened animal. Using rope, tranquilizers and goodwill they manage to turn the tide for the bear, giving it a fighting chance.

As long as nobody tells the poor thing about all that disappearing ice up north.

The Moose’s Noose

In another classic clip, this time from Spokane Washington, and reported on by CNN, we find a poor old moose, stuck in the ice of a frozen lake for several hours. The beast’s face portraying a mix of desperation and defeat. Just in time, Fish and Wildlife and Fire District 9 came to the rescue of the 2-year-old bull.

Get ready for the chills…

A Blow Job For A Deer

Reported on once again by CNN, in one of the more ingenious moments of any news helicopter pilot, Mason Dunn used the very tools at his disposal in order to nudge this stranded deer across yet another frozen lake in order to reach safety.


What are your thoughts? Did these classic animal rescue videos help warm up that chilly disposition? Have you seen a winter animal rescue video that didn’t make our list? Let us know: comment below and share on Facebook!

Additional Image: Photopin