If the idea of strolling through a traditional garden bores you, check out this video of an exhibit in Japan. Based on the pure awe of the three visitors to this floating flower garden, it must have been something to behold.

Smell The Flowers

One of the main perks of this floating flower garden was that you no longer had to bend all the way over just to smell a single flower. Since all of the flowers were at eye level, all you had to do was lean forward slightly to enjoy the smells this garden had to offer. There was also no need to worry about poor weather ruining your visit to the garden. Since it was located indoors, you were able to enjoy all of its wonders whenever you chose to. One thing to note, though, unless the camera angle is just very awkward in that video, it doesn’t really seem that there was much room to walk around. Maybe when you were there, it was just so beautiful that you didn’t care.

Technology And The Environment

So, how does a garden even grow inside? You’ve probably seen the mini gardens housed in plastic bowls with special lighting and a customized watering system, but this is on a whole different scale. This floating flower garden was controlled digitally by a special system that kept the plants healthy as they hung above visitors’ heads. Not only did technology help control the flowers’ health, but it also put on a show for guests.

This answers the question I posed above about how people would walk through this hanging garden. It turns out they really didn’t have to worry about it. Only a limited number of guests could view the exhibit at one time, as the space was limited. However, once you entered the room, the flowers began to dance around, if you will.

As guests walked further into the room, the flowers rose above and around them. No longer were you simply in just another boring, white-walled room; you were in an actual garden full of foliage. To be specific, there were 2,300 flowers in this lush exhibit. Being surrounded by the flowers truly made guests feel one with nature, despite being inside a man-made building. Not only were the flowers interesting to look at, but the smells changed based on what time of day you visited the exhibit. Each flower had an “insect” that was active at a certain time of day. If you were visiting the exhibit in the morning, it would actually smell differently then if you went in the evening. Isn’t technology amazing?


Although this particular floating flower garden exhibit closed last year, the team behind it is always thinking of new ideas to force people to reconsider what art can be. teamLab calls themselves “ultra-technologists” and their leader is Toshiyuki Inoko. Their concept is to essentially take over areas with art, both digital and, in this case, natural. The reason why they occupy large spaces is because another one of their missions is to improve relationships between people using art. Even if you’re not the biggest art fan, seeing dynamic colors projected on huge surfaces is bound to get a reaction out of you…and others. Cue the conversation!


Would you ever visit a floating flower garden or do you prefer the traditional garden?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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