Fear Santa this Year and Visit a Christmas Themed Haunted House

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Fear Santa this Year and Visit a Christmas Themed Haunted House

Apparently, many people in the United States just can’t stay away from fear. Instead, they need to get up close and personal in a haunted house and once a year just doesn’t cut it anymore. Pushing the thought fear should not be limited to Halloween, these people are getting just what they asked for as more and more multi-season haunted houses are popping up. Perhaps most bizarre among these are those that come around Christmas time. While the holiday is normally viewed as a time of peace and serenity for families to gather together and celebrate, apparently some prefer the dark, cold, winter vibes instead. For those people, there are Christmas haunted houses.

Why Haunted Christmas?

This year the answer might be a little easier than usual, as the recently released “Krampus” draws a diverse crowd to theaters. Of course, the classic “Nightmare Before Christmas” is a title many people watch on both Halloween and Christmas and have come to enjoy even more often when they feel like a chilling tale. Alternatively, it might just have something to do with the general trend of culture looking for scary things more than it ever has before. People want more and why not use Christmas? Whatever their individual reasons for opening, there are quite a few haunted Christmas houses being offered this year, and here are some to consider.

NightSCARE Before Christmas

The Moxley Manor in Texas has a variety of horror events throughout the year and even private activity options. During Christmas, they take the opportunity to set up their NightSCARE event. They have quite a scary reputation and a frightening promo video on their website, so it will surely be exciting to see what they have in store with their elves.

A Very Scary XMas

Offered by the Chamber of Horrors in New York, this even takes place this year the weekend of December 11 and December 18. Their standard admission includes a picture with Santa, which is likely less cute and friendly than your usual Santa photos.

Santa’s Slay

Located in Passaic, New Jersey, the Brighton Asylum is another venue that offers horror events all year-round, with the most obviously occuring during Halloween. This year they are also holding an event they have cleverly titled Santa’s Slay. When you consider the history of this place and its general reputation, it’s sure to be one of the best ones to check out.

Other Haunted Christmas Houses

Of course, this is just a small sample of the different options popping up all around the country. With the insatiable fascination for being frighted, some might wonder when this madness will end. After all, is it really healthy for people to want to get scared out of their whits?

Have you gone to a Christmas-themed haunted house before? Would you like to? Share your thoughts and experiences with us below!




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