30 Cute Animals in (Seemingly) Impossible Positions

There’s something about cute animals that make us want to hug or pinch them. It must be those pleading eyes or that round, puffy face you just want to squeeze. Whatever it is, we know you can’t get enough of cute animals.

But don’t worry. You’re not alone and it’s definitely not bad for you. I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling of warmth and happiness that envelops you when you’re watching cute kitten videos on YouTube.

But that’s not all you get when looking at cute animals. Did you know that looking at cute animal images also improves your performance and productivity at work? One study conducted by researchers in Hiroshima University in Japan found that cute animal photos could possibly improve focus and attention—two things we desperately need more of at work.

So cheers to science for backing up our desire to look at more cute animal pictures. And we’re giving you a dose of cuteness right now with these adorable animals in what seem to be impossible positions.

Hanging Around

We all need some R&R. The same goes for animals and this is how some of them do it:

1. “I’m just hangin’ around.”

2. “Nearly there. Almost.”

3. “This is how we bear cubs hang out.”

(Have you ever seen so many bears on a tree?)

4. “Yo, don’t mind me. I’m just chillin’ up here, taking in the nice view. Meow!”

Chow Time

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like food. We all do, even these cute animals here:

5. “Who’s hungry? Line up!”

6. “My mother always told me to finish all of my milk.”

7. “I love the food so much, I just had to eat the last crumb.”

Bath Time

Cute animals love the water. These photos are proof.

8. “Is my bath ready? Oooh, thank you! This feels so good.”

9. “I just wanted to take a dip in the ocean/sea. But then this happened.”

Crazy Sleeping Habits

I personally can’t sleep without a blanket even during hot nights. It makes me feel secure. I’m sure you have your own sleeping habits as well. But it turns out even animals have some pretty crazy sleeping habits, too.

10. “Worried about falling? Nah. My human does that for me.”

11. “No, I’m not worried about falling at all.”

12. This little kitty climbs the ladder and falls asleep.

13. “To sleep beside this table leg or not to zzz…”

14. “Lemme just take my power nap. zzz”

15. “Hey, this spot is really comfy.”

16. “Meow! I feel sleepy already.”

17. “I love me. Good night me.”

18. “I love to sleep on the floor and I love to sleep on the sofa. Whoever said you can’t have it all was wrong.”

Awkward Much

You know how awkward some situations can be, right? Like the time you called out to someone you thought was your friend but wasn’t? Yeah, I totally get you.

Looks like people are not the only ones who experience awkward situations. Here are few cute animals in embarrassing positions.

19. “Psst, human. Are you gonna help me or what?”

20. “I don’t know how I got here and I have no idea how to get off. Help!”

21. “This is the reason you really need to watch your kids playing on the slide.”

Let’s Do Some Exercises

Exercise is a basic tenet of physical fitness. We all need to stretch those physical muscles, especially freelancers who work sitting down all day.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to exercise, let these cute critters show you:

22. This is how to do the split.

23. Upside-down cat pose.

24. More cat yoga

25. Pole dancing ala cat

26. “This is how I do my weight lifting.”

What It Means To Love

People express their love in different ways. Some give flowers, some sing serenades while others simply say “I love you”.

Animals also have their unique ways of showing their love. Here are images of how some cute animals show their affection for the things they love most in the word.

27. “I’ll go through great lengths to make you happy.”

28. Two become one: This is what happens when you take things literally

29. “I love my tail”

30. En-tangled: “I love this yarn so much”


If you’d like to see more cute animals, let us know in the comments below or share photos of cute animals on our Facebook page.

 Additional Images: Imgur



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