Behind the Glamor

Vancouver has long held its own reputation as a world class destination and international hub of business. Its long time film industry is established as a destination center even for Hollywood. But, what do you see when you come to enjoy the riches and successes of Canada’s third largest city?

Sartorial Displendor

MSN Travel has rated Vancouver, British Columbia, the third worst dressed city in the world. Most of the blame falls to the Yoga pants seen everywhere and I do mean everywhere. Form-fitting and hip-hugging is not always the best option for looking your best. Imagine if all the world dressed like they were going to Walmart.

The Big One

Worst case scenario? You can expect 10,000 dead and 128,000 injured. That is what is expected to happen if a 7.3 earthquake goes off under the city. Granted, the odds of it happening next year are astronomical but scientists say it will happen. They just don’t know which year it will happen. The last big earthquake was under Vancouver Island in 1946.

Car Crashes

There is a statistic for everything. Coming in as grand champion in the Canadian inter-sectional fender benders competition is your very own Vancouver, weighing in at almost 110,000 auto accidents from 2005-2009. That doubles second place Surrey at around 60,000 for the same time period. Why does Vancouver lead the way? Weather is not as big a factor as you might think. The biggest factor is actually drivers running red lights.

Downtown Eastside

This is the part of town you want to avoid. It is full of the dark side that exists in every city. Vancouver, British Columbia is no different. Drugs are openly traded and used. Homeless people live on the corners and sidewalks. The mentally challenged are dumped on the street because of a lack of funding for assistance or professional care. The biggest problem that is making it worse though are the tourists. This area is becoming a destination point to see the dark side of the underbelly of the worst neighborhood in town. Taking pictures and pointing at the downtrodden is not the way to help.


On Vancouver’s North Shore mountains are three world class ski resorts. In 2010, the Winter Olympics were held there. There was just one problem. While thousands of visitors came to watch the events, very little snow came with them. In fact, snow had to be trucked in for the events to even take place. That was five years ago. In 2015, it is even worse. The slopes are bare with no hint of snow in the future. While the skiing industry quickly reminds us this is a one in 33 year happening event instead of the norm, scientists are warning us this is becoming the new trend. After all, that 33 to 1 event has now happened twice in the last five years. Cheer up though if you flew from halfway around the world for the world famous skiing. The ski trails are now being used as hiking trails.

Have you been to Vancouver, BC?  What did you think about your visit?