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Sleep / WikiMedia Commons

It’s never a win-win situation when sleep is involved. It’s already obvious once you have pulled an all-nighter to wake up in zombie-mode, but did you know that even if you’ve had a good night’s sleep, you’re still as tired as ever? Here’s exactly why and how you could fix that to actually wake up refreshed in the mornings.

Why We Wake Up Tired After a Good Night’s Sleep

The Huffington Post has the answer: according to Dr. Michael Decker of the Case Western School of Nursing, one study showed that sleep inertia is the problem. Sleep inertia is the period in which the brain attempts to tap into functions that are important when we are awake, which are our cognitive, motor, and decision-making functions. This transition period varies from person to person and this can last from one hour to four hours. People may feel that they’ve had a good night’s sleep, when in reality they lack sleep since the brain has not had enough time to adjust to its waking functions; hence the sluggish mornings.

Another reason, as Dr. Decker stated, is due to sleep disorders. These disorders can affect body chemistry and can really mess up our internal clocks. The Circadian Rhythm, the cycle our body functions depend on, can get really compromised when we have sleep disorders, and this results in getting really tired in the morning.

How to Overcome Sleep Sluggishness in the Mornings

Dr. Mary Ann Bauman told Health some things you can do to avoid waking up tired in the morning. First of all, adjust your alarm for when you have to wake up. Don’t rely too much on the snooze button, as this can contribute to you being so tired in the morning. Your alarm should also be a song that would rev you up because, according to Dr. Bauman, music can release brain chemicals that boost adrenaline.

After a warm shower, let cool water run for a minute or two so that you get a refreshed feeling. This actually helps in overcoming stagnant circulations, so it is definitely a must when starting your day.

Lastly, before going for coffee, drink water. Sleep can be dehydrating, so give your body the water it needs before sipping your morning booster.



What do you do to feel refreshed in the morning?