DIA Conspiracy Theories…Okay Whatever

The Denver International Airport, or DIA, is a major travel hub for those visiting the rocky mountains. If you haven’t explored it before, you might just think it is like any other major airport, but for those who have investigated deeper into the place, some strange conspiracy theories have emerged. Of course, like any big conspiracy theory, the evidence at the airport really doesn’t support all the hype. So, what are some of the questions surrounding this particular airport?

The Nazi DIA Conspiracy

One of the first theories to pop up when looking at this airport is the overall shape and design of the place. When designing it, engineers and planners wanted to account for the often poor weather that occurs, so they wanted to avoid having parallel runways set out too close to one another. While those who work at an airport might understand the design strategy, some liken the overall shape and layout to be similar to a swastika, which certainly doesn’t convey a good image. As you can see in the image above during a snow storm, this comparison is dubious at best.

Ready For The Horse Of Nightmares?

While the first one is pretty easily dismissed, this one might be a little bit stranger and hard to explain. For some reason, the builders of this airport decided to erect a giant statue of a blue bronco. This seems appropriate considering it is in Denver, but the fact that this statue’s eyes glow red at night is more than just a bit creepy. Add in the fact that one of the sculptors was killed after a leg fell from the statue and severed his artery and you have a pretty bizarre situation. Could this be the ghastly manifestation of the soul of a dead and angered bronco? Whatever the reason is, this is a big subject of conspiracy.

Secret Passages And The DIA Conspiracy With The Illuminati

Another common conspiracy theory revolves around “secret” underground passages within DIA. The suggestion is that these passages might be used for secret government movements or something perhaps more sinister, which could be related to the Illuminati. Of course, the Illuminati connection comes from the time capsule that is found onsite to be opened in 2094. For some strange reason, this time capsule bears that all-too-familiar free mason crest, an organization that is commonly connected to the secret society that so many fear.

Despite that, both can be fairly easily explained. For starters, Free Masons operate all around the country and are very community oriented, so it would make sense that they would be involved in a 100-year time capsule and want to leave their mark. As far as the “secret” passages, these were originally built as a sort of underground baggage transport system, but after repeated failures the idea was scraped, leaving the tunnels unused. Still, the inscription about the “New World Airport Commission” is pretty strange, especially since it doesn’t exist.


Are there any other strange DIA conspiracy theories you have heard? What about other airports or major transportation hubs? Do you have a clear explanation for any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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