Determination for Conservation: Wildlife Efforts Across the Globe

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation, sourced in Miami, Florida, is a leading organization in wildlife conservation, particularly white lions. Humankind has been responsible for many of the populations’ depletions, which is why ZWF, and other organizations such as the Wildlife Conservation Society, are raising awareness across the country.

White Lion Kings

ZWF has rescued six lions from a canned hunting operation in South Africa since 2014, and these white lions are the key to their mission to raise awareness for lion conservation. Canned hunting is a growing industry in Africa, where white lions are bred on farms to be killed for sport by wealthy foreign trophy hunters. Kumba and Khiera, rescued in 2014, and Kunto, Kahina, Kahinda and Kabira, rescued in 2015, are in good hands at ZWF, receiving the best care and animal husbandry. Their habitat was custom-built, and visitors can observe the lions playing and laying in the hot Florida sun, an integral part of their efforts. There are only approximately 32,000 wild lions left in the world today, which is why the foundation hopes to educate the public about this issue and eventually make canned hunting illegal on a global scale. “I know first hand just how special white lions are,” said President and Director of ZWF Miami Mario Tabraue. “To think someone would want to take the life of one of these amazing creatures is inconceivable.”

Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, Oh My!

Efforts don’t stop at white lions, either. ZWF Miami has been around since 2001, and their many acres of beautiful land have been home to domestic and exotic animals alike in an effort to improve their well-being. Leopards, big cats, primates, large predatory birds and many exotic species can be observed and being interacted with by the public as a means to educate the public about rare and endangered animal species in captivity and in the wild.  ZWF also has a private, sister facility where endangered species are bred to aid repopulation efforts and injured animals are housed for recovery. Visit the ZWF website to adopt an animal or donate to the foundation.

Terminator Lays Down the Law

The Wildlife Conservation Society is continuing to “set the bar for science, conservation action, and education that has driven [their] success in protecting wildlife and wild places for over a century,” and are currently fighting to protect elephants being killed for their ivory tusks in Africa. WCS is running a campaign on their website where you can donate to their efforts and/or sign a pledge to not buy or sell ivory and to support a ban on ivory products in your country. Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has partnered with WCS’s 96 Elephants campaign in making an effort to “terminate” the killing, trafficking and demand for ivory that is decreasing Africa’s elephant population. The name comes from the number of elephants slaughtered every day by poachers in Africa, and the movement hopes to tighten federal law loopholes that are allowing ivory to be illegally sold in the United States. Schwarzenegger tweeted he’d like to “have a chat” with anyone that thinks killing 96 of these beautiful creatures is ok, and I’m sure he’ll “be back” to stand behind that statement. To make a donation and take a stand for elephants, visit the 96 Elephants campaign page.


Are you active in any conservation efforts?