Deranged Park Ranger Harasses Snowboarders

So imagine this: you and your friends are snowboarding in a park. You think, “Hey, let’s build a jump out of snow and hit this rail!” Of course, at some point, a park ranger may show up and ask you to stop. However, most park rangers don’t go insane talking about being an “irradical” in the ’70’s, burning houses and sleeping with some kid’s girlfriend, and usually doesn’t compare snowboarding in a park with (and I quote:) “fingering [his] baby sister.”

But you’re in luck. Today you don’t have to imagine any of that. Instead, watch the video below and witness the wisdom of a truly crazy person.

And remember: don’t do it in the park.



Ryan Tindrick
Ryan Tindrick
Filmmaker; a writer, a director, a producer, a cinematographer, a visual designer, a photographer, an actor, an editor, and some days... just a grip.