Cop Shoots Unarmed Man Over Seatbelt Violation

On September 24th, 2014, a cop pulls over a man at a gas station for not wearing a seat-belt. You’d think this wouldn’t be more than a routine traffic stop, but things get ugly real quick. Check out the video below, which was taken from the officer’s dash-cam on his car.

In summary, Edward Jones is standing outside his car, with his door open, and the officer walks up asking the man for his driver’s license. The man agrees and turns around towards the inside of his car to grab his wallet. Immediately the cop screams at the man to stop, whips out his gun, and unleashes a hail of bullets at the unarmed man. Jones screams, stumbling backward, telling the officer he was just grabbing his wallet. Luckily he was only hit once, in the hip.

The officer, named Sean Groubert, was fired after the incident and is facing criminal charges for assault and battery of a “high and aggravated nature,” which is a felony that can carry a 20-year imprisonment sentence. Jones ended up in the hospital, but was released recently. Thankfully the man still has his life, and hopefully this incident will put more pressure on the police in America to stop using unlawful force against innocent people!



Ryan Tindrick
Ryan Tindrick
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