Check Out These Weird Vacation Spots

Why venture to the same old spots for your next vacation? The beach is always crowded and the ski slopes will tire you out. Aren’t vacations supposed to be for rest and relaxation anyway and not stress and places that get sand everywhere? These weird vacation spots are guaranteed to amuse you and get you off of the beaten path you’re tired of traveling down.

Salton Sea, California

This is one of those weird vacation spots that is actually very beautiful. The Salton Sea is California’s largest lake. It was artificially formed back in 1905 after the Colorado River flooded. 1500 workers used 500,000 tons of rock to help put the mighty river back on course. The Salton Sea is still here today because there is no natural outlet for all that water. You won’t want to drink this water, though, as it’s 30% saltier than the Pacific Ocean. During your visit to the Salton Sea, pay a visit to the nearby Salvation Mountain. Like the Salton Sea, this 100 foot mountain is artificially made from concrete and adobe. To dress it up, artist Leonard Knight painted it with a rainbow of different colors.

Wall Drug, South Dakota

It’s pretty much a given that some weird vacation spots are going to have curious names. Wall Drug is a tourist trap waiting to happen. The name is actually relevant to this location in South Dakota as it’s an actual drugstore. As with many great tourist traps, you have to start advertising the locale several states away via billboard. At least one of those billboards must have the word “free” on it, because what do tourists love the most? FREE STUFF! Wall Drug follows through on their promise to have free ice water and five cent coffee for those weary travelers. With plenty of treats and entertaining signs to read, make a stop in Wall Drug on your way to the Badlands.

Lucy The Margate Elephant, New Jersey

Never pass up the opportunity to add a huge elephant to your weird vacation spots list. If you’re in the Atlantic Beach-area of New Jersey, you may run into Lucy the Margate Elephant. It’s hard to miss her, as she stands 65 feet tall. Built way back in 1881 as a developer’s effort to attract land buyers to the area (makes sense…right?), Lucy has been used as a hotel, beach cottage, and a tavern. As you may be aware, alcohol and good behavior aren’t always synonymous, and patrons of that tavern almost destroyed her. Thankfully, Lucy is here for good and is officially recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.

Unclaimed Baggage Center, Alabama

Ever wonder where all those unclaimed items from people’s luggage go? Wonder no more; they’re at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama! A perfect weird vacation spot for the shopper in your life, you’ll have a great time rummaging through other peoples’ lost items. Airlines wait 90 days before sending your stuff here and, if you have patience, you can find some pretty good deals. Bargain hunters unite!


What is your favorite weird vacation spot?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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