Cannabis Paper: Recycling at its Highest

Everyone knows about the medical benefits cannabis holds for those suffering from painful diseases. Have you heard about cannabis paper, though? Appropriately named Restalk, LLC is a company that is recycling cannabis into paper. Restalk’s mission is to recycle cannabis bio-waste into useful products such as paper. Its first successful creation is cannabis paper, which is made of 100 percent recycled marijuana stalk, meaning that a tree-less paper now exists.

A Use for Marijuana Bio-Waste

Restalk’s Chairman of the Board, Kyle Tracey mentioned in an interview with PR Newswire that in just four years, the marijuana industry will have generated about $35 billion dollars. The need to responsibly use the bio-waste from all of that marijuana is vital. Before marijuana growth really starts to skyrocket, there needs to be processes in place to handle all of the bio-waste. Currently, the tons of waste that is generated from marijuana is disposed of in methods that are not good for the environment; ways like incinerators and landfills. This is where Restalk comes in. The purpose of cannabis paper is to recycle bio-waste into a useful product using a clean production method. Restalk will only perform this for legal marijuana growth.

Cannabis paper is just the first product that Restalk is producing. They hope, over time, to have an array options for consumers to choose from. Growers have a reason, besides to help the environment, to work with the company, too. Restalk offers a percentage of sales, dependent on contribution, of any product that is made from the bio-waste of any given marijuana farmer. Patrick Murphy, the founder of Emerald Family Farms, which is part of a group of marijuana growers that provides medical marijuana to patients in California. Murphy brings up an interesting point that when consumers buy products made from cannabis, they are supporting sustainable growers, much like how we currently buy certain sustainably grown products at local farmer’s markets.

But Wait! There’s More…

Products like cannabis paper will be a big hit with consumers who want to buy products that are made with the environment in mind. This is why Restalk is teaming up with like-minded companies who also produce products that are made with Earth-friendly materials. Production is set to begin in the spring. Cannabis paper is just the beginning, though. The team of scientists and agricultural experts that made this product a reality will continue to brainstorm ideas for future products because of the great potential responsible use of cannabis bio-waste holds the environment.

The cannabis plant has male and female versions. Previously, the female plant was known only for its medicinal and recreational purposes. However, both the male and female plants can aid in the creation of cannabis paper. In addition, for those afraid of getting high when using cannabis products, Restalk only uses parts of the plant which have very low percentages of psychoactive properties. And, since any remaining traces of THC are removed during the recycling process, any cannabis product a person uses is completely legal.


Would you use a product made from marijuana bio-waste?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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