Hate Your Double Chin? Dissolve it!

Of all the things that need fixing in the world, someone thought it was a good idea to figure out how to fix this double chin issue, without the whole pesky losing weight part. Well they did it, and now you can basically get your double chin melted off by getting injected with deoxycholic acid. (The FDA approved brand name is Kybella.)

When the deoxycholic acid is injected directly into the double chin area, it can destroy the fat cell membranes which means that the fat cells basically die. They then have no where to go besides out of the body, leaving the double chin area a little thinner than it was to begin with.

Although the body naturally makes deoxycholic acid in the intestines, injecting it into the lower chin area doesn’t come without its risks. During the clinical trial a whopping 96 percent of the participants reported some kind of reaction at the spot where it was injected. One person actually had a resulting nerve injury that ended up lasting 300 days. Whoops.

It does seem to be pretty effective however, as 13-18 percent of the participants saw huge improvements to the area within 12 weeks, and 66-70 percent saw more subtle results but still had an improvement.

Given the popularity of using treatments in off label ways, some people are concerned that the deoxycholic acid might be used in unsafe ways as well. (Like anywhere else on the body that people are hoping to dissolve some fat.) Without the proper testing, there is no way to know how safe or unsafe that might be.

In the meantime, sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise routine is by far the best method for reducing the amount of fat held in those pesky fat cells. But for the people who just can’t seem to get rid of their double chin no matter how hard they work at it, the FDA has approved the Kybella alternative.



Would you commit to this procedure? Is your neck a source of insecurity for you?



Kate Ferguson
Kate Ferguson
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