Birds Migrate…Do Ghosts Migrate?

Birds migrate each year, sometimes traveling thousands of miles between their summer and winter homes. Butterflies migrate, as do salmon. But what about ghosts? Do ghosts migrate between different locations too?

Transiting Spirits

Ghosts or spirits are often thought of as “haunting” a particular place, like a house or geographic location. In many cases, this haunting follows some horror or evil occurrence at the site. Something different may be happening in Malaysia though.

Kampung Lapan, Malacca in Malaysia has recently experienced an increased number of hauntings, according to local residents. The sudden spike in supposedly paranormal activity has led to some interesting speculation about the cause of all the ghost sightings. Apparently there is less of a question as to whether there are a bunch of spirits actually being seen in Kampung Lapan, and more interest in why there has been such an increase in paranormal activity.

According to one Islamic medical practitioner, Mohd Zamri Bashir, the recent hauntings can be explained by the fact that ghosts migrate. Bashir has suggested that the recent spirit sightings are legitimate, and that spirits migrate just like humans. The transiting spirits are not a cause for concern though, according to Bashir.

The spirits could be on their way to a final destination and just passing through the village on their way. If this is the case, the ghosts would soon leave as they continued their journey, according to Bashir.

Another possible explanation that Bashir suggested is that the village could be a dumping ground for ghosts.

The Kampung Lapan ghosts, which are known as jinns or demons, may also be able to take various forms, including that of an animal or human, Bashir suggested.


What do you think about the idea of migrating ghosts? Do you think spirits may migrate between places or do they stay in one place?

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