We never need an excuse to have a drink. Just a prompt every now and then. Especially when we need help enjoying the movie. Best yet, combine it with some useful act. Here are a few examples of some very interesting movie drinking games.


Batman is appearing everywhere. He has his own movie coming out next year called “Beware the Batman.” Plus, he is starring in Superman’s sequel called “Batman vs. Superman.” That’s right. It is Superman’s sequel and Batman gets top billing. Now I love the Batman but 10 movies with two more scheduled for this year? I may need some help here. How about every time we see the Bat Signal bouncing off of a cloud, we chug our drink and shine a flashlight up at the ceiling until Batman shows up?

Any Kardashian

We all may need help to get through a Kardashian on the screen. What to do?  Everyone wears sunglasses. When a Kardashian appears, close your eyes and drink until you are not hearing their name or voice on the screen. If you open your eyes too soon, you are penalized another drink.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Good ol’ Benedict is most well known as the excellent and current day Sherlock Holmes. But, he is also known as Khan from “Star Trek,” the voice of Smaug from the “Hobbit” and will soon become Hamlet on an English stage. How to celebrate his awesome talent? One person is chosen to wear the deerstalker hat or suck on the unlit Meerschaum pipe until we see Benedict give the slightest hint of a smile. After our chug, we pass the Sherlockian prop to our left.

Miley Cyrus

This works best with couples. Every time you see Miley pose for the camera or during a song, you must remove one article of clothing and pass it to your left. You then take the clothing you are offered from your right and put it on. You can now take a drink. Everyone plays along until every one looks like they are from a Miley Cyrus video. Men, if you receive a bra to put on, you must play along.


It is getting to the point where it has gone from “Who hasn’t seen a zombie movie” to “Who hasn’t been in a zombie movie?” (I have) Let’s make it fun. Before the movie starts, everyone gore up in ketchup blood (especially on the neck) and randomly select someone to be the ‘next’ zombie. When you see a zombie bite another victim in the movie, the selected zombie moves over to his or her secretly chosen victim to slurp some blood (ketchup) off any exposed body part. Then the the zombie can wash the blood down with their drink. By the way, the last victim has now been infected (slurped) and is now the ‘next’ zombie. Who will be the next victim?

What are some movies you need spiced up to watch?