Beaver Eating Snake…Don’t They All?



If you are a fan of getting out in nature, or even just animals in general, you know that it is part of the circle of life that animals eat one-another. Carnivores don’t really have a choice on what they eat, so going out and finding prey is just part of the game. Among the animal kingdom, the snake is one of the most unusual predators because it tends to swallow its prey whole rather than chew it up for digestion.

The Terrifying Tale Of Wessie The Snake

In a strange report from the police of Westbrook, Maine, an officer called in after he spotted a snake eating a beaver. Stressing that this was not a joke and believing the situation was serious, the local police put out a warning about this rogue snake, donning it Wessie, the beaver-eater. Of course, internet reports got hold of this report and mixed the two up, thinking that it was the beaver eating the snake. Naturally, this leads to a clamor among the residents of Westbrook and the surrounding cities of Maine. In fact, interest was sparked enough that this celebrity snake even got its own song.

Isn’t Beaver Eating Snake A Normal Thing?

It might be an easy joke, but it had to be said. Is there really anything strange about a beaver eating a snake? If you recall your early education, you might remember that it actually has something to do with the birds and the bees. Apparently, twitter users jumped on this opportunity for humor as well:

Unfortunately, it is worth remembering that the initial stories claiming the beaver was eating the snake was wrong. It was actually reported that Wessie was eating the beaver.

Animals that Normally Eat Snakes

Of course, there are some really badass animals that prey on snakes as a normal part of their diet. The first one that comes to mind is the honey badger. This video about the honey badger was actually so popular a few years back that it sparked some television commercials.  Beyond the now-famous badger though, the mongoose actually enjoys hunting snakes as well and makes for quite an awesome killer itself. Despite these real-life snake predators though, it just seems more exciting to think about that beaver swallowing up a big, juicy snake.


What do you think about the situation with Wessie? Did this really happen or are the police just involved in some elaborate prank? Whatever the case might be, those people in Maine had a good laugh for a few days at least.




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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