Now that marijuana is either decriminalized or legal in many places around the country, the creative among us are starting to come up with some interesting design strategies for joints. Because, no one rolled a creative joint before it was legal -obviously. But, since it has become legal in some of these areas, competitive joint-rolling has become a real thing. Of course, when you take the time to make a joint that is also a work of art, it makes for an interesting challenge. Can you actually smoke them, or are these beautiful joints just too pretty? Perhaps considering some of those joints can help answer that question.

This Beautiful Hamarbe Joint

The internet loves this gorilla that died to ensure the survival of a child. So, why not express that love through a joint? Once you build this, you will likely wonder if you should ever be allowed to really smoke it. It might be better just putting this one on display for an emergency. If that emergency comes, then perhaps you can light it up. After all, that’s what they did with the real animal.

This Pikachu Joint

Sure, Pokemon GO is trending like it was after its initial release, but let’s be honest. We all still love Pokemon. So, who wouldn’t want to have this beautiful Pikachu joint. This is the kind of joint that even non-smokers will have to appreciate.

How About This Elephant Joint?

Nothing is better than smoking a joint of an animal that happens to represent the largest group of people who are trying to stop you from smoking that joint. With this elephant joint, you get to really stick it to the man while enjoying a work of art in the process. Really, it is quite a brilliant idea.

Other Beautiful Joints

Of course, just because these joints might have attention, there are plenty of other beautiful joints out there to consider. Like any other art form, rolling a joint like this takes real talent and likely a good amount of practice. So, just because you are having trouble rolling a joint -don’t despair. Spend some time practicing the craft and you too might be able to enter one of these rolling competitions down the road. In the meantime, at least you can appreciate how creative many of these joints are.


Which of these beautiful joints do you think is the most creative? Have you seen any other special joints that you would worry about smoking because they just look too good? Let us know what you think in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
When Joseph is not writing for his Evorath fantasy series, he tries to spend time honing his physical prowess to one day become the Punisher. Most of the time, he just ends up perfecting the art of procrastination by watching Netflix, reading other good fantasy books, or playing some mindless game. Follow him at Evorath