Australia, known around the internet as the absolute most terrifying place in the world, may have yet another reason to scare you away. According to a recent study performed to get a better read on the quality of Australian honey, every time you enjoy this sweet treat you are actually getting an internationally recognized, toxic level of PAs (no, not personal assistants; pyrrolizidine alkaloids). While not all of the samples tested showed high levels, it was more than enough to get them worried and also more than enough that you have to wonder if anything is safe in Australia.

What’s The Deal With Toxic Honey

To investigate the honey in this dangerous country, researchers examined 59 different honeys and tested them for these PAs. Startlingly, they discovered that 41 of these 59 honeys actually had an average of four times the amount of PAs found in other European honeys. In other words, it wasn’t just bad -it was really bad. More specifically, it is so bad because this toxic honey can cause extreme liver damage if you are not careful and can also lead to the development of cancer in those who eat it. So, you may want to find something else to sweeten your tea with.

Of course, while the honey might contain these toxins, that really doesn’t compare to the many other horrors in Australia that will activity try to eat you.

It’s Better Than Being Food

While the internet may be ripe with images of giant spiders, snakes eating things they ought never eat, and terrifyingly frightening creatures of all variety, people often gloss over one of the most terrifying creature you’ll find in Australia: the salt-water crocodile. To consider just how dangerous these monsters are, keep in mind Australia is an entire island continent, so it has plenty of beaches. More important, these viscous reptiles are aggressive, more than willing to chase you down if they see you and more than fast enough to catch you. Like any other crocodile, they are also really hard to stop and will rip through you like a knife through butter.

Oh, and the crocodile is just one thing to worry about. Don’t forget about pythons or sharks.

Other Dangerous Creatures in Australia

Even if you avoid getting eaten by one of these predators, Australia is also home to some extremely venomous species of snake, jellyfish and spider. You can take your pick on which one of these you would want to die from, as there are plenty of options. The box jellyfish pictured above might be the most dangerous though, as its venom can actually kill you in as little as 2 minutes and it is really hard to see (like, virtually impossible to spot before it is too late).

Also, keep in mind the actual bees that create that toxic honey can be quite dangerous themselves. Like pretty much everything in this insane country, they are more aggressive than you will typically find elsewhere and they will swarm you with their own venom. In case you weren’t aware, the honey bee in Australia actually kills more people than snakes, sharks or spiders. So, no matter how you look at it, you’re really better off staying away.


What do you find to be the most terrifying thing in Australia? In lieu of all these others animals, is toxic honey even something you would worry about? Let us know what you think in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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