Asking The Important Questions…Why Do People Sneeze In Threes?

Spring is one of the most wonderful times of the year. In most states around the country, temperatures are warming up to a pleasant level, flowers are blooming, and summer is right around the corner. Of course, spring also means that it is allergy season for many, and there is absolutely nothing pleasant about that. Perhaps one of the mysteries of allergy season is why people sneeze the way they do; specifically, what makes someone sneeze in sequences of three? Fortunately, scientists understand the important things in life, so they have an answer for you.

Why Do People Sneeze At All?

While it may seem inconvenient, the reality is that people sneeze for a reason. Specifically, that reason is to ensure they are able to clear blockages that might form within their respiratory system. When you sneeze, the muscles in your chest tighten and compress your lungs. While the lungs shoot out a burst of air at speeds up to 100 mph, your throat closes up, ensuring that the air is sent out the nose. This burst of air is powerful enough that it sends thousands of droplets of bacteria forth. As you already know when you sneeze, this packs quite a punch.

The Powerful Triple Sneeze

Of course, often times a single burst of air is not enough to handle whatever is blocking you up. Instead, the body relies on a triple burst sneeze to help do the job. Instead of just shooting out the bacteria, this type of sneeze works to clear and dislodge whatever is causing the blockage and then spray it out as a single sneeze would. Sometimes, this can be because of seasonal irritants like pollen and other times it might just be little microbes that are messing up the works. Regardless, it is a perfect example of just how efficient the human body was designed.

Getting Through Allergy Season

While you might not be having a lot of fun dealing with your season allergies and those constant sneezing fits, there are some ways that you can hopefully make the day easier. If you do need to use tissues, you might want to opt for ones with aloe on them, as this will help you avoid that nasty pain of rubbing your nose raw. More directly, you can talk to a doctor about different medications that can help you better handle the allergy season. In fact, there are a lot of different over-the-counter medications on the market today that can be just as helpful as prescription medication.


Were you aware that people sneeze for this reason? Do you suffer from seasonal allergies that cause you to sneeze a lot more during that time? What types of measures do you take to prevent these sneezing attacks?




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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