April Fools’ Day Recap… The Stuff We Saw And Heard

Congratulations on surviving yet another April Fools’ Day! I hope no one got you too bad, but if you were the pranker, I hope your joke caught a few fools off guard. In case you were too busy trying to avoid pranks, we’ve put together a 2016 April Fools’ Day recap for you. Enjoy laughing at these clever tricks and get some ideas for next year.

Dance While Roomba Cleans

iRobot and Zumba teamed up to prank America into thinking that a new version of iRobot’s Roomba would be debuting soon. The idea is basically a mobile speaker system that cleans your house while you dance around. Only Zumba moves allowed, though, please. Personally, as a Roomba owner, I feel it’s only fair that when my Roomba is cleaning the floor and getting tangled in cords, that it also plays the top dance tracks for me to workout to.

ThinkGeek’s Bogus Products

ThinkGeek releases a list of made-up products every April 1. In this April Fools’ Day recap, we’ll mention a few of our favorites.

  • Flavor of the Day Desktop Calendar: As much as I love my current rip off calendar on my desk, I would trade it in for this calendar in a second. The premise is simple, instead of reading another bad joke, simply lick the calendar page and savor the flavor. Beware of co-workers who ask you to taste their calendar, though. You know that page has touched their tongue…
  • Useless Light Switch: As the name suggests, this light switch is completely useless. When you try to turn a light on, the switch just falls back down. If you’re sick of your roommate leaving every light in your apartment on, install one of these to break that habit quick
  • VR Sensory Immersion Generator: Is VR not good enough for you? Try this 4D experience then! Put your headset on, grab a friend, and get ready for a whole new VR experience. Your friend has signals as to what you’re seeing, so they’ll know when to activate the 4D effects that they’re holding. Just be prepared, because that 4D dispenser can be filled with any liquid they choose.

Google’s Actual Reality

VR is all the rage these days, so Google put their greatest minds to the test to develop the next greatest device, actual reality. Claiming that current VR devices still put plastic or cardboard between users and the pixelated world, actual reality is the first headset that solves this problem. In actuality, it’s just a clear cube that users wear to perform and “experience” their day to day activities. “What’s realer than real?” the video asks. Touché, Google, touché.

Artisanal Toilet Paper

Quilted Northern joined in the fun this year. Catering to those who love everything natural, they debuted a new artisanal toilet paper called Rustic Weave. The video shows a man working in a woodshop, handcrafting a roll of toilet paper, including hand perforating each sheet. While this toilet paper may not be the softest you’ll ever use, take pride in knowing you’re wiping with something that has “craft you can feel.”


Did we miss something in our April Fools’ Day recap? Let us know the favorite prank you saw on April 1.

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