Applecore and Other Trending Fashion For Men

What’s trending in fashion for men these days? It looks like Apple has the answer. 


The Apple Dad look, as Applecore was originally called, used to be a tribe thing. Now, the style is catching on worldwide.

Applecore exudes a casual look, yet one that is carefully considered and tailored specifically for the middle-aged men in the upper echelons of power. “The look is not exactly new,” says fashion designer Komal Sood, “as IT guys have been dressing like this since they left college.”

The laid-back and easy-but-smart, slim-fitted dressed-down, look was spotted worn by Apple’s Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, Phil Schiller, and Jeff Williams at the company’s recent lauch event. Stylist Rishabh Kapoor reveals the look is basically the laid-back version of power dressing. Yes, it’s still all about power dressing.

“The concept of power dressing is not going to go away,” says Komal. “When you see the Applecore dressing style, be assured that all those shirts and jeans and casual trousers are extremely expensive, probably branded and of the best fabrics possible.”

Here are a few tips to accomplish this power-radiating look. You need a pair of those well-fitted, straight-cut denims called dad jeans in a dull shade of blue, a collared shirt that you can tuck in or leave out, and a pair of classic-enough sneakers by a good enough brand. No crazy neons here.

The final effect would be this: “It should look like you’ve been styled to dress down and not just picked up anything randomly from your cupboard,” says Komal.

Pajama Dressing

Another style trending in fashion for men is pajama dressing. Pajama dressing is a trend that advocates a lived-in and a polished-yet-relaxed feel. The pieces that will help you rock this trend include drawstring pants, cozy cardigans, rolled-up trousers, unstructured jackets, and disheveled suit.

“It’s more about the ease of the silhouette, the nonchalant kind of slouch,” says designer Thakoon Panichgul. “Just a nuance of pajama inspiration, not doing the look outright.”

Man Bun and Man Braid

Matt Damon and other celebrities wore their locks in a bun. Yes, the man bun is in. The rise of the man bun could be credited to the rise of millennial fathers who are more fashionable than their fathers were. Add to that the social media profiles they need to keep updated and fashionable, if not presentable. The man bun is the fashionable, yet functional, hairdo for modern dads.

Another trending hairdo for men is the man braids. Brought into fashionable men’s consciousness by Harry Styles, the man braid is best for “preening males with a penchant for taking dreamy, post-shower selfies” or so says this post anyway. In any case, the latest fad has already started to take over Instagram.

Rompers and Jumpsuits

Rompers and jumpsuits for men used to be just a memory of the 70s. Not anymore. They’re back in vogue. They were spotted recently on the runway at the Madrid Fashion Week.

“Rompers are a new way of producing fashion for men,” says Decio Vitali, a fashion editor at Italy’s Collezioni magazine. And for Jonathan Skow, designer of Mr. Turk menswear, jumpsuits are one of his best sellers because they look great and simple.

Socks and Sandals

In the ever-changing (and oftentimes confusing) world of fashion, a big fashion no-no is trending: the pairing of sandals with socks.

Socks and sandals are no longer for dads, tourists, or hippies. It’s in style care of labels showcasing them in men’s runway shows this year. The look, fortunately or unfortunately, was inspired by athletes.

If you’re not very keen on this dubious pairing, but would still want to dip your toes in this latest trend, take the advice of style strategist Rachel Johnson, who has athletes as clients: stay monochromatic. “That way it almost looks like you have a full shoe on even though you don’t,” she says.

These trends have their share of naysayers, but from the look of things: fashion for men these days is on the “power is ease” spectrum. Let the men decide.


What do you think about these trends? And which style is your favorite?




Juvy Garcia
Juvy Garcia
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