Another Mothership….Maybe This One Will Be Real

Aliens have been a fascination of conspiracy theorists around the world for quite some time now. Whether it is stories of abductions or the more common tale of a flying saucer sighting, the concept of UFOs are nothing new. Recently, a self-proclaimed “ufologist” was lucky enough to capture an alleged sighting on video, and he claims that this could be another mothership for us to watch out for. While the video doesn’t look like much on the surface, Andrew Burlington claims to have seen a host of smaller ships being released from this tiny little object in the distance. So, could this be the real deal, or is it just another poorly produced piece of “evidence?”

The History Of Alien Sightings

Though it is difficult to get a complete history on the subject, Wikipedia lives up to the task as per usual and provides quite a few resources on the subject matter. The first recorded report of any sort of unknown flying object was in 1878 and was published in the Denison Daily News. Allegedly, farmer John Martin reported seeing a “large, dark, circular object” that he reported to be about the size of a “saucer.” Since then, there have been thousands of alleged sightings around the world of this nature. Of course, while the sightings continued for years, the modern term “UFO” did not emerge until the 1950’s, when Air Force personnel offered this designation as a uniform way to describe the sightings. Though the overall descriptions vary from person to person, the idea is that there is some alien craft soaring through the sky. Even those who don’t follow news of this nature are familiar with more famous cases, like the supposed crash-landing in Roswell, New Mexico.

The Alien Interview Channel

While this is one of the shorter videos uploaded to  TheAlienInterview channel, it has captured the attention of many interested in UFOs. In fact, it got a feature over at, where Andrew Burlington discussed his sighting in more depth. The video was recorded on August 12th near Charlton, south east London. Burlington explains that he was with his nephews at the time when they caught sight of floating objects heading towards the city. He explains that his camera did not capture the best video in this case, which is why he stopped recording. He does, however, insist that he noticed “a long anomalous object shoots across the sky at the start of the video [which] may well indicate that a UFO mothership was above the Thames Barrier releasing smaller UFOs.”

Could This Be The Real Deal?

The way things are looking in the world right now, especially the United States, many people might actually welcome an alien invasion. So, could this one actually be the real deal or is it just another crackpot conspiracy theory from a tin-foil wearing nutjob? Even if there are aliens out there in the cosmos, what kind of technology would they have that could allow them to travel to earth? More important, why would an alien species with such advanced technology care to visit Earth, unless perhaps they were hear to conquer it? If it is the real deal, people need to start getting their bomb shelters ready, because things are about to get dicey.


What do you think about the sighting of yet another mothership? Do you believe in aliens? If you do, do you believe that these sightings are legitimate?




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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