Why Napoleon Dynamite Was an Amazing Movie

It’s been about 11 years since Napoleon Dynamite was released to a perplexed crowd of spectators. Most people who see it for the first time think it’s dull and plain stupid. For those of us who have seen it multiple times, we know the truth: it’s an amazingly funny and awkward film where nothing and everything happens at once. If you haven’t watched it in a while, it’s time to get the crew together and sit down for the best flippin’ 95 minutes that cinema has to offer. Remember the scene when…

…Napoleon taught us what girls really like?

…“Gosh!” worked as an oddly effective insult?

…Rex rocked American flag pants like a supreme bad ass?

…Deb received the most underhanded compliment ever?

…the Happy Hands Club made us cry with their performance…

…but Don didn’t enjoy it so much?

Deb tried to earn money for college…

…and Kip told us what he thought about that?

…Uncle Rico nailed Napoleon with a steak?

…Napoleon got a ride to the dance from Pedro’s cousins?

…Kip celebrated almost getting a strike?

…Randy pushed Napoleon into the lockers?

…Kip dared Napoleon to try and hit him…

…and then got completely owned?

…Napoleon was nice enough to pull Kip into town?

…Tina said, “NAH” to the food?

…The sweet jump didn’t go so well?

…Kip took us by surprise by getting a new image?

…Uncle Rico and Napoleon had an all-out rumble?

…Kip completely blew his sale?

And of course, no one can forget when Napoleon dances his ass off, shows the audience it’s okay to be your weird self, and totally saves the day.


Are you a Napoleon Dynamite fan? What’s your favorite scene?




Emily Koo
Emily Koo
Emily Koo is a writer & musician living in Seattle, WA, by way of Randolph, MA. She’s a huge fan of her dog, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia references, and tea tree oil-infused toothpicks. Learn about her mundane life on Facebook.