African Albinos Killed for Organs, Believed to be Good Luck

Did you know people are being hunted in Africa, and even being killed by their own family members for money? This isn’t some hoax. In Tanzania, those with albinism have been hunted for years now because it is believed that a potion made from their body parts will bring good luck and riches to people. A video that was recently reposted again last year, after originally being posted in 2009, shows African albinos hiding in fear of being killed, some of them having already lost family members.

What is an albino?

It could be likely, depending on where you are from, that you’ve never seen a person with albinism. The condition is a differentiation in skin pigment which is caused by a genetic disorder. Surprisingly enough, there are more than 200,000 albino people in Tanzania, which is why this hunting has run rampant there. The people born with albinism stand out in the predominantly black population of Tanzania, making them a fairly easy target for the gangs.

Why are they being harvested?

It sounds like a harsh thing to say, harvesting humans, but that is what is happening. There are many African gangs that are now hunting albinos because they believe they can get rich by selling certain parts of these people to witch doctors that then bowl the parts down to make a potion. While it may be believed this potion can bring good luck, it sure isn’t good luck for the albino people of Africa that must all hide in fear for their lives.

What parts are being taken?

Much the same as white rhino are hunted for their horns to make virility drugs, the albino people of Africa are hunted, killed and then the killers harvest their appendages, skin, hair and even their genitals in most cases.

Unfortunately, it seems like there is really no end to these killings unless more awareness is shared about the plight of these people. Because of the color of their skin they are being hunted in their own country. They spend each day in fear for their lives.


How does this tragedy make you feel? Is there anything that can be done to help the African albino people?

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Yvonne Stegall
Yvonne Stegall
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