Stop Procrastinating With These Terrific Techie Tools!

Procrastination can stop you in your tracks and dramatically reduce your productivity. It happens to the best of us, but luckily, technology can now make sure you accomplish your goals in a timely manner. Here is a quick guide for tech junkies who want to break their procrastination habits.

Set Up Barriers

There are browser extensions you can install onto your computer that will block your favorite procrastination websites (think Facebook) when you should be working. Consider using one of these tools to keep your mind focused during the day.

Turn It Off

If you’re looking for a drastic way to stop procrastinating, try turning off your devices. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet or gaming console, it’s only tempting you if you leave it on in the background as you work. Turn off these devices when you’re trying to finish your to-do list and you’ll notice a big difference.

Download Productivity Apps

There are several apps you can download to make yourself more productive during the day. Trello can allow you to create “boards” where you can pin tasks that you need to accomplish. Asana, a project management app, can keep you on top of lifestyle and business responsibilities in one place.

Stay Motivated

What will you be able to do once you finish all of the items on your to-do list? Keeping your free time in mind can ensure that you stay motivated while you try to work. For a little extra boost, look through the digital photos of your friends and family on your smartphone. These are the people and places you will see once you finish the workday!
Learning how to identify procrastination can help you stay productive as well. Habits such as second-guessing yourself or waiting for the “perfect” moment to act are all contributors to procrastination.



How do you handle procrastination on a daily basis? Do your gadgets help you defeat it or hold you back from productivity?




Krystle Vermes
Krystle Vermes
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