9-6-16 National Read A Book Day-Tech To Make Reading Techy

Every year on September 6, 2016, people around the country celebrate National Read a Book Day. If you don’t normally read, it is the perfect excuse to form a healthy habit and pick up a book. If you are an avid reader, it is just another reason to poor that glass of wine and sit in your favorite chair while enjoying that great fantasy epic. But, before you just settle for another casual reading session, you might want to consider some of this awesome reading tech to make your day even better.

Keep Track Of Your Reading

Though many market this as a child’s tool to track reading, the truth is that it can be so much more than this. If you are a busy adult who want to work on time management, a tool like this can help you really track your reading habits and better deal with your obsession. Sure, reading is great, but when you read so much that your car is being repossessed, you might need to taper off a bit.

Read Better At Night

If you need reading glasses to enjoy your favorite book, this interesting invention is a great place to start. It features a few different reading levels for you to consider and avoids the annoying bulk of traditional reading lights. Be warned though, the light is still bright enough that it is likely to disturb any sleeping partners you might have.

Don’t Disturb Your Partner

Of course, if you like staying up later than your significant other to read, you might consider getting this helpful gadget instead. Designed to be placed right on the book page you are reading, the LightWedge will illuminate the words in front of you without shooting light all over the room. Sure, if they are sensitive to light you might still have to go outside the bedroom, but in many cases, this is the better way to go.

Lie Down To Read

Of course, one of the hardest things to accomplish as a reader is to actually lie down and enjoy your book. No matter what position you take, it seems that there is something stopping you from getting the comfort you are after.With these handy prism glasses, you no longer have to worry about this challenge. Just lie on your back, put on the glasses, and start reading.

Celebrate National Read A Book Day

Regardless of whether you use one of these nifty gadgets or not, remember to grab yourself a good book on September 6th and enjoy some time to yourself. If you are looking for suggestions, you can definitely consider some of the options by the writers here at Article Cats. This one in particular offers a fun fantasy adventure that you are sure to enjoy.


Do you have a book ready for National Read A Book Day this year? What is your favorite genre to enjoy while you are at home relaxing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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