8 Things I Learned After Binge Watching New Girl

It has never felt so good to binge watch a show as it did when that show was New Girl. With it’s perfect combination of wit and meaningful hidden morals, New Girl is a girl’s best friend. If you didn’t think the show could get any better than it already naturally is, add a bottle of wine to the mix and you’ve got the best Sunday ever. Below is a list of both life lessons and just general facts that can be learned in only 15 hours of straight New Girl binging.

 Women With Bangs Have It All

Jess has the humor and the wit and she has bangs. Cece has the body and the confidence and she has bangs. Notice the common thread? I need to get bangs.

 Nick Yells A Lot

His normal voice is a yell, his laugh is a yell, his whisper is a yell. He yells when he’s sad, he yells when he’s mad, and he yells when he’s excited. Nick is a yeller.

 A Steady Build of Frustration Towards Coach’s Disappearance

He just left. He left us and nobody provided us with a proper explanation. We have to transition into a Coach-less life, and while Winston does a pretty satisfactory job of filling that void, it would have been really great to not have to wait numerous seasons for his return before we got any type of frustration release. We missed you Coach, but thanks so much for coming back to us.

 Jess’ Lens-less Glasses

Jess starts off with glasses that have lenses in them, but they quickly turn into lens-less glasses. We’re not that mad though, because lens or no lens, all her frames are freaking adorable. When I get new bangs I’ll be getting a pair of ultra cute Jess glasses too.

 Heisler Beer Must Be The Shit

Can’t say I paid that much attention to every can or bottle of beer that graced the New Girl screen, but I’m pretty sure every beer was a Heisler beer. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy Heisler in a store. You’ll just have to grab another beer for when you play that intense round of True American.

 Skirts and Polka Dots Are Awesome

Even better, polka dotted skirts are the cat’s meow. Jess’s stylist is on point. Never mind Jess’ perky personality, we just see her outfit and feel infinitely worse about ourselves…but in a good way.

 Schmidt Is Painfully Misunderstood

He’s passionate and dedicated and driven. He goes after what he wants. While it may come off douch-baggy, costing him some real dollar bills into the jar, he has (mostly) good intentions.

 Boob Fights Are Perfectly Legitimate

The most important thing to take away from New Girl is a boob fight is a perfectly legitimate way to settle a dispute between girlfriends.


 What has New Girl taught you? What do you love about the show? Share with us below!




Eli Stewart
Eli Stewart
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