Do You Know About the 7 Planes of Existence?

Many of us are brought up to believe we are born, we live a life, and then we die. Where we go after we die is highly debated, and based on what we’ve been taught, related to our religion (or non-religion). Do we go to Heaven? Are we just done? Is it all just finished? Christianity and Judaism promote the idea of a Heaven, and other religions promote ideas of Paradise (Islam and Zoroastrianism) , Nirvana (Buddhism) and Moksha (Hinduism). But for some of us humans, the planes or levels of existence are not so black and white, and the soul journey is much more complex.

Those who take a more spiritual approach to the world recognize Seven Planes of Existence, all of which are represented by different energy vibrations. Each plane of existence can be broken down into subplanes and levels, as the universe and existence is no simple matter. Here is a basic breakdown of the different planes of existence in our universe.

Physical Plane

The Physical world around is all part of the physical plane. This is where humans live and souls physically manifest into human bodies. The densest and slowest of energy vibrations can be found in the physical plane.

Astral Plane

The second plane of existence is that astral plane. Souls travel to this plane after death, and humans can interact with it through meditation, astral projection, near death experiences, and lucid dreaming. Energy vibrations are higher in this plane than in the physical, and this plane is made up of emotional energy.

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Causal Plane

The third plane of energy existence is the casual plane. This plane is considered the time track, which is the region where energy fields exist that represent our past, present, and future experiences in the physical and astral planes. This plane is characterized by concrete intellectual energy and is known to be the plane of the Archangel Michael.

Akashic Plane

Th akashic plane is considered the central, neutral plane of existence and connects all planes of existence. This is where the knowledge of the universe is stored. Known as the Akashic Records, this plane holds the records of everything that happens in the universe as it occurs.

Mental Plane

The mental plane is the fifth plane of existence and is characterized by abstract intellectual energy. This is the plane where things are created by and from thought. This plane emphasizes truth and is known to be the plane from which Lao-tzu, the father of Taoism and a manifestation of an infinite soul, taught.

Messianic Plane

The sixth plane, the messianic plane, emphasizes love and abstract emotional energy. Jesus Christ was a manifestation of an infinite soul from this plane. This is where the soul experiences true, unconditional love for other beings

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Buddhaic Plane:

The highest plane, the buddhaic plane, is the plane of existence and creation, and this is where the soul merges with the totality of the universe. This level produces some of the highest energy vibrations in the universe, and Buddha was a manifestation of an infinite soul who came from this plane of existence.

Those of us who embrace a more spiritual and universal view of life/existence (over a specific organized religion) believe the soul does not die. Instead, we experience a cycle of life. We have a purpose to learn different lessons in each incarnation/lifetime. Once our physical bodies are no longer useful, or they die, our spirit/soul moves to the higher planes of existence, where the cycle begins again.


 Do you think life ends at death? Do you think the soul continues on a journey once the body dies? Are people open to learning new things, or are they afraid to challenge the thoughts and lessons they’ve had throughout their lives?

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Brittany Valli
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