Most weddings follow the same pattern. They take place in a church, temple, or maybe even on the beach. Even though the couples differ, the themes typically stay the same including fresh flowers, traditional brides maids in awful dresses, groomsmen sweating in tux’s, and a crying ring bearer. However, if you want your ceremony to stick out from the rest, then you can create a wedding no one, not even your guests, will ever forget. Here are some of the most extreme weddings in the world:

Wedding On Airplane Wings

One crazy couple used three planes in order to exchange their wedding vows. The groom stood atop one plane, the bride stood atop another, and a reverend stood atop the third. They used an airborne communications system in order to make their marriage official while their friends and family watched from the ground, listening to their words over loudspeakers.

Underwater Weddings

There are dozens of couples who have gotten married underwater. Some of them even said their vows while inside of shark tanks. Either way, it takes a lot of preparation, because both parties need to take scuba diving lessons beforehand. Although their entire family can’t swim with them to watch, they can have a party on a boat while watching the ceremony over the television.

Bungee Jump Weddings

“Taking the leap” into marriage has never been more literal. There are couples who have gotten married on top of bungee jump platforms, so they could jump together after giving their vows. Although their friends and family didn’t all jump with them, they were still watching from a connected platform high in the sky.

Weightless Weddings

You can get over your fear of flying at the same time you get over your fear of commitment by having a weightless wedding. All you have to do is get inside of a plane, hold tight as you climb to about 24,000 feet. Then it will drop down at an angle simulating weightlessness.

Wedding Beside A Volcano

There’s nothing more romantic than an outdoor wedding with beautiful scenery. However, there are a few couples who have dared to be risky by saying their vows next to an active volcano. Luckily, none of the volcanos ended up erupting and ruining a couple’s marriage before it began.

Hot Air Balloon Weddings

If you’ve always dreamed of having a small wedding with only your closest friends, you should think about renting hot air balloons. There are places that will allow you to tether four balloons together in order to fit about twenty-eight passengers. That’s just enough room to fit your closest confidants–as long as they aren’t afraid of heights.

Ski Slope Weddings

If you don’t mind the cold, you can get married on a ski slope. It’s difficult to maneuver your skis in a wedding dress or tux, so only try this if you’re already an expert at the sport. Either have your wedding at the top of a hill and then ski away, or you could ski down to meet the rest of the wedding party and say your vows at the bottom.


What’s the craziest wedding you’ve ever attended? Was your wedding edgy?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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