There’s no reason for you to spend hundreds of dollars on a new bathing suit when you could walk on the sand and swim completely naked. Nude beaches sound scandalous, but they’re a safe place for people to feel free in their bodies. You’ll see men and women of every size and shape, so you won’t have to feel self-conscious about your looks. Plus, you’ll probably see some nice eye candy. If you’re interested in finding out what all the fuss is about, here are some of the best nude beaches in the world.

Spiaggia Di Guvano In Corniglia, Italy

Even though this is one of the best nude beaches in the world, you shouldn’t have to worry about it being overcrowded. It’s usually isolated, because it’s pretty hard to get to. You need to know exactly where it is on a map and then hike for a bit in order to get there, so make sure you’re in the mood for a workout. After all, nothing good comes easy.

Wreck Beach In Vancouver, Canada

This beach is clothing-optional, but sadly there are no dogs allowed. However, if you’re interested in engaging in some fun activities, this location is perfect for you. It holds events like Skinnydip Day, Annual Bare Buns Run, and Wreck Beach Swim Night. If you’re planning on visiting Canada, it’s a place you should look into.

Haulover Beach In Miami, Florida

Since this beach is located in Miami, there are plenty of hotels within walking distance of the sand. While there is a large section of the beach that is clothing-optional, there is another section where visitors are required to wear clothing. So if you chicken out at the last second and want to shield your eyes from streakers, you can stick to the clothed part of the beach.

Red Beach In Crete, Greece 

This is another small, secluded beach that requires hiking. Although you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to reach your destination, the beauty of the place will make your work worth it. After all, is there anything more beautiful than a red beach?

Montalivet Beach In Montalivet, France

If you want to visit this beach, you can actually book a cabin, tent, or a motor home at a Naturist Campsite and take advantage of all Motalivet has to offer. The location has 500 acres of pine wood, swimming pool activities, and crafts for the whole family. If you’re unafraid of being naked in front of strangers for the entire duration of your vacation, you can’t beat this location.

Baker Beach In San Francisco, California 

If you prefer big and bustling beaches over the small and private ones, then you’ll love Baker Beach. It has a large stretch of sand and an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s also kept extremely clean, so you don’t have to worry about your bare feet stepping on any garbage or shards of glass. It’s a completely safe place.

Praia Do Pinho In Balneario Camboriu, Brazil 

Unlike the majority of nude beaches, this one is not clothing optional–it’s mandatory for you to be naked once you set foot on the sand. If you don’t want to structure your entire day around the beach, there’s also hotels, restaurants, and a theme park nearby. So once you’re done with your beach fun, you can move on to another exciting activity.


Have you ever gone to a nude beach before? What are your reservations about enjoying a nude beach?

Additional Images: Petr Kratochvil



Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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