6 Places to Visit In New England for the Winter

Comprised of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, New England is a gorgeous region full of things to do all year. Of course, winter time in New England can bring a whole new kind of fun, especially if you are not a native of these cold-weather states. To highlight some of the best, here are 6 different places to check across the six states.

1. Castine, Maine

A settlement that has been around since the beginning of the 1600s, Castine has a long and rich history. If it’s your first time visiting, you might find that you simply don’t have enough time to visit all of the historical sights there; but if you do, you might also stop by the Maine Maritime Academy, which prepares graduates for service in the Merchant Marines. Visitors might select to stay at one of the beautiful bed-and-breakfast destinations; if so, you should definitely stop by Markel’s Bakehouse at least once for a delicious treat.

2. Jackson, New Hampshire

With less than 1,000 residents, Jackson is the quintessential resort town. What are people coming to this town for? Well, skiing, of course! Though there are some historical places to visit in the city, the main attraction is the White Mountains, which can offer some challenging slopes for you to enjoy.

3. Newport, Rhode Island

Though it is classically known as a vacation destination for the wealthy, many will find that Newport is much more accessible today. It provides the charm you would expect from a small New England town and features a variety of bed-and-breakfasts as well as some more modern hotel arrangements. If you are a fan of tennis, you should definitely check out the International Tennis Hall of Fame; and if you have any interest in history, you will want to stop by the Touro Synagogue, which happens to be the oldest Jewish synagogue in the country.

4. Guilford, Connecticut

Another settlement from the 17th century, Guildford retains its small town charm and offers a great winter destination. With the motto “discover a piece of Connecticut history,” it is easy to realize what their biggest attraction is. One of the great ways to explore this history is to check out the Henry Whitfield State Museum; or you might simply just walk around town and discover some hidden gems. Either way, you can enjoy a peaceful winter away form the city buzz.

5. Provincetown, Massachusetts

If you are a little more progressive and want to find a destination where people share your views, you might discover that Provincetown is the place to go. It hosts a variety of great restaurants, as well as some unique shops. More than this though, it is known for its artistic expression, which is why you might want to explore local galleries or simply explore the area for its homegrown talent.

6. Montpelier, Vermont

As the state capital of Vermont, you may not expect it to be much of a vacation destination, but Montpelier is actually quite a fantastic place to visit. Its small town charm is matched only by the many history sites you can visit, which are in abundance.


Do you agree with this list? Are there any other areas in New England that you think people should prioritize for their vacation this winter?




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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