6 Of the Cutest Interspecies Animal Surrogates

Animals – we can learn so much from them. Animals are not blinded by the problems humans face each day, and animals know when a human or another animal is in need of help. The interspecies animal surrogates below understand the need to help those who are helpless, and they understand the true meaning of selfless giving.

Spotty and Her Baby Bunnies

The family lost their rabbit, Bonnie, to myxomatosis, a virus deadly to rabbits. Bonnie was able to feed her babies for eight days, but once Bonnie passed the owners didn’t know what to do. Luckily, a friend had a cat, Spotty, who had just had kittens. The family had given the kittens away, and Spotty was able to feed the baby bunnies.

Bailey and Her Chicks

Bailey, a half Coyote/half Retriever, became a surrogate mom when 10 baby chicks wandered into her yard. Unsure of where the mother chicken went, Bailey watched her new babies with the ease of a seasoned mother. Luckily, Bailey’s owners were able to find people willing to adopt the chicks.

Dog and Her Tiger Cubs

Abandoned by their mother at birth, three white tiger cubs found a new mother in a friendly dog at their home at a wildlife park in China. Feeding the tiny, one-month old cubs her own milk, the dog let the cubs nurse from her, providing them with the food and sustenance they needed.

Lily and Her Kittens

Lily, a mutt, had been found along an old farm road. Brought to a local animal shelter, Lily was pregnant. Lucky for the shelter, all of her puppies were adopted. Then the shelter received a number of kittens without a mother. The people at the shelter decided to see if Lily would allow the kittens to feed from her, and they were in luck when Lily laid down and the kittens began to eat.

A Goat and Her Baby Fawn and Baby Foal

A goat was able to step in and nurse two babies! The goat, which is not named, was able to provide milk for a foal and a fawn. The foal’s mother was not able to produce enough milk for her baby, and the fawn had been found abandoned in the woods by the farm.

Molly and Her Babies

A surrogate to a Fallow Deer and a Watusi Calf, Molly, a Great Pyrenees, stepped in to nurse the two animals. Lilly, the fawn, and Lola, the calf, fed from Molly, who was a surrogate to many of the animals at the farm, including Oliver, a miniature horse, bear cubs, a cougar, and a goat. Even after Molly stopped producing milk Lilly would still try to nurse from her.

Animals are not tainted by the emotions and judgments humans experience. Although some of these animals could be considered enemies or predator/prey, they understand when another animal is in need. A natural reaction to these videos is to think nature always finds a way, and it’s definitely true when you leave humanity out of the mix. If only humans could understand what these animals understand – helping those in need benefits everyone in the long run.


Have you ever seen an interspecies relationship between animals? Do you think animals know something we don’t when it comes to helping others? Do you think think letting animals feed other animals is wrong or right?

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Brittany Valli
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