5 Most Pirated Shows Of 2015

2015 was a crazy, stupid, fast (where the hell did it go?) kind of year. We saw all manner of little victories and upsets along the way and once again the television game was strong. Hit shows were born overnight and digital streaming content was made even more viable financially and storytelling-wise. But like most years, and due to possible over-saturation stretched across just a few too many outlets, viewers succumbed to the almighty hand of illegal digital downloads in order to indulge in some of the biggest hits 2015 had to offer. Here’s the list of the five most pirated shows of 2015.

5. The Flash (CW)

Kick-starting the top five list this year is the speedy little hero that raced (sorry) into our hearts with his 2014 debut. The CW’s comic adaption of “The Flash” reached 3.6 million downloads in 2015, solidifying it’s mark on pop culture while simultaneously reminding couch-dwellers how much fun it is to run.

4. Arrow (CW)

pirated shows: Arrow

Arrow played by Stephen Amell, (Comic Vine).

The smug smile everyone wishes they had. At number four is yet another CW adaption, but this one has a few more years under its belt. “Arrow” is the series that, alongside AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” showed modern audiences that comic book-adapted TV can actually work if done right. The filmmakers respected the source material and viewers responded with positivity. “Arrow” raked in a decent 3.9 million downloads in 2015.

3. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory,” a tribute to all the great nerds and sarcastic dorks around the world has once again proven itself a safe bet in the race for most illegal downloads. 4.4 million in 2015 helped keep this mashup of pop-culture stereotypes and tried-and-true TV tropes a strong competitor for the most undeserved illegally downloaded series of the decade (these are not necessarily the views of all those working here at Article Cats).

2. The Walking Dead (AMC)

pirated shows: The Walking Dead

Isn’t the apocalypse fun? (Screen Rant).

The quintessential, zombie-slaying, ultra-depressing, horror drama that paved the way for all future comic book television adaptions made it’s mark last year bringing in a respectable 6.9 million illegal downloads in 2015, and that’s only a few clicks shy of “Game Of Thrones'” 2014 numbers. Way to be a boss, AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

1. Game Of Thrones (HBO)

pirated shows: Game of Thrones

A solemn message about season 6, (HBO).

Drum roll? Nah, we all saw it coming. If a show has the gusto to pull off the Red Wedding, then the Purple Wedding, not to mention main character beheadings, while still providing copious amounts of sex and nudity that would put any ancient Roman bathhouse to shame, then the show is going to be a hot ticket for fanboys (and girls). Not surprising, for the fourth year in a row the HBO hit “Game Of Thrones” has taken the top spot of most illegal downloads, with a whopping 14.4 million downloads in 2015. Nearly double the 8.1 million downloads the fantasy drama series saw in 2014. That season 5 cliffhanger has led to many a workplace scuffle, not to mention bouts of rage and confusion, and yet fans keep coming back for more. Our hats are collectively off; here’s to the only show on television that can stand toe-to-toe in masochistic tendencies with the “Walking Dead.”


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