5 Dog Rescue Stories That’ll Make Your Heart Happy

To most of us, losing a pet is one of the worst things a person can imagine. Yet there are those miraculous moments when a pet is rescued and finds its way into the heart-filled arms of a loving human. Queue up the Sarah McLachlan music and grab some tissues! Here are five pet rescue stories that make your heart happy.


Peanut is a mutt owned by Holly Chander of North Carolina. Severely abused as a puppy and suffering burns from either fire or chemicals, Peanut spent nine months in an animal shelter before being adopted. But his story is one of pride. Rising from the ashes, Peanut entered and won the 2014 World’s Ugliest Dog Competition. Peanut and his owner hope to use the proceeds and recognition from his win to educate people on animal cruelty.


In May 2014, a little Chihuahua named Charm apparently forget his lucky charm. For two days, Charm’s owners searched everywhere for her and even posted on social media in an attempt to locate her, but they didn’t find her. Somehow, the poor little pup ended up on the center divider of Interstate 680 outside of Walnut Creek, California. Luckily, she was spotted by a police officer, who used a protein bar to lure her to safety and was reunited with her owners.


When Woody’s owner died, nobody came to take care of Woody. Instead, he waited and waited for his owner to come back. Stuck outside with no food or water, Woody sought protection underneath a nearby shed. For over a year, he waited, receiving only minimal scraps of food and water from neighbors. Eventually, Hope for Paws got involved and Woody was rescued. As he gained back his strength and began to put weight on, his spirit improved as well. While he lost one owner, he was transformed with the care and love of another.


When Stella was rescued with 60 other puppies from a puppy mill in Samson County, North Carolina, she was in bad shape. Young and malnourished, Stella was missing her teeth and filled with fleas and dirt. Although her body was lacking, her spirit was not. She was so energetic and enthusiastic, that she quickly wooed her new owner, Joy Walter, who worked at the animal hospital Stella was taken to. She was eager to heal and quickly made a full recovery.


Before Rocky found his forever home, he was found outside an animal shelter filled with buckshot and left for dead. Due to his dire condition, the dog was considered not appropriate for adoption and was put into the Pups on Parole program. After meeting Dawn Tibbets, an employee at a local prison, Rocky was adopted by her and her husband, Floyd. One month after his adoption, Floyd and Rocky were hiking through canyons in California. Floyd suffered from a heart related illness and struggled to remain conscious. Every time he began to drift, Rocky would lick his hand to keep him awake. And when Floyd started going the wrong way back to the car, Rocky wouldn’t let him, refusing to move and trying to get Floyd back on the right direction. Once, Rocky was a rescue dog, now he’s the rescuer!


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Molly Carter
Molly Carter
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