Animals are a curious bunch and oftentimes that curiosity leads them into sticky situations. Fortunately, there are often those good Samaritans waiting around to swoop in for the rescue. 2015 saw its share of news coverage for animal rescues ranging from the absolute adorable to the absolute bizarre. While it might be difficult to actually rank the best, here are five of the greatest animal rescues of 2015.

1. Phoenix Firefighters Save Cat from Chimney

Cats are known to get themselves into some strange places. Somehow, they have the ability to squish themselves down and squeeze into those unbelievable places you would never expect anything to go. Unfortunately, they also sometimes have trouble getting back out. On Christmas Day, Adrienne Gill and her husband had their daughter visiting from California and during her visit she brought along her pet cat. Figuring the cat was just adjusting to a new environment, they didn’t worry when it went missing. But, when they checked the chimney the next morning, they found the cat had worked his way in there. It took the fire department 20 minutes to rescue the curious feline, but he was brought out uninjured.

2. Deer in Canton Pushed to Safety

In March of 2015, a deer decided to go for a swim in his neighbor’s pool. Unfortunately, he didn’t account for the fact there was no water in there. Because of the lack of water and the steep incline, the deer was completely unable to work its way out. The Animal Rescue League of Boston jumped into action though, constructing a special ramp and then pushing the deer out safely.

3. Three Dogs Rescued from Mountain

Dogs may be capable pets, but navigating a mountain is just not something they weren’t made to do. Another December adventure in Wrightwood, California and these three dogs found salvation thanks to the local Hope for Paws group. Really, the video tells it all.

4. Noah the Donkey Lifted from Ditch

Over the pond in Heydon, Cambridgeshire, they are also not free from animals falling victim to themselves. Back in August, Noah fell about 7 feet into a ditch after thieves stole his cover, leading him to wander. The firefighters took more than five hours to get him out, working carefully to make sure he could be brought to safety.

5. Cat Rescued on Phoenix Interstate

Perhaps the most touching of the list, this viral video shows live footage of a man, Richard Christianson, rescuing a cat from the highway in Phoenix, Arizona. As he drove down Interstate 17 near the Glendale exit, he noticed a cat stuck on the ledge up against the fence. Driving around the side street and confirming that the cat was still alive, he decided to take matters into his own hands. As he recorded above, he single-handedly worked to free the cat, who he named Freeway. Fortunately, the Arizona Humane Society was able to patch him up so he could be adopted into a caring family.


Are there any other memorable animal rescues that you think should be in this list? Have you ever been at ground zero to help with a rescue yourself? Let us know in the comments below!



Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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