The 5 Most Annoying Drivers on the Road

Driving is one of life’s true pleasures (when you’re not in a hurry or going to work), and nothing compares to the almost meditative experience of cruising the winding roads of a mountain pass, scenic byway or the open road of America’s highways. But in all parts of life, there are those people who tend to ruin every pleasure this world offers, and on the road they’re known as annoying drivers. Annoying drivers ruin every good thing about driving, and they pop up anywhere and everywhere. Here are the top 5 most annoying drivers on the road today:

The Slow Driver

We’ve all been there – you’re in a hurry, and supposedly the left lane is the fast lane. There’s nothing more annoying than hopping in the left lane and suddenly you’re stuck behind the slowest driver known to man. No amount of yelling or made up curse words can get them to move. You try all you can to get them to move to the right, but they’re clueless and keep on driving, and you silently fume in your car.

The Texting Driver

Texting while driving is not only dangerous, it’s also illegal in some states. But does that stop people from doing it? Nope. You know the people – they swerve slightly in their lane, you can see their head bobbing up and down as they look at their device, and they’re the first to pull out their phones at a red light. Stop doing this! You might think you have a certain set of skills to text and drive like an expert, but you don’t, and it’s even worse when there are other passengers in the car, especially children. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

The Impatient Driver

You’re driving down the highway, and all of a sudden someone comes up on you. They flash their lights, hoping you’ll move over. You check your mirrors, making sure you have clearance to move over, but they’ve already changed lanes. These drivers try so hard to get ahead, but most of the time they just succeed at pissing off other people and look like assholes as they dance from lane to lane. These drivers have also been known to drive on the shoulder in an attempt to get one car ahead, race to get to a red light, or pull out in front of you when there’s no one behind you, causing you to slam your brakes. These people are truly annoying.

The Non­-Signaling Driver

Ok, when you’re the only person on the road, signaling can seem kind of pointless when there’s no one to alert of your lane change or turn. But when the road is full, or you’re on the highway, signaling helps other drivers know what you intend to do. The non­-signaling driver never indicates and spends his/her time cutting off others and just generally being an ass. People who don’t use their blinkers end up causing accidents or make other drivers slam their brakes at the last moment, which only results in more upset people on the road.

The Cautious Driver

We all know school zones have a mandatory speed limit and are generally indicated by a sign or a blinking light, alerting drivers to drive with care. The cautious driver doesn’t pay attention to this and opts to drive the school speed no matter what. It could be the middle of summer and this person will still drive 25 mph. This is also the person that drives through neighborhoods at 10 mph, turns at a literal snail’s pace, and is the person who will stop the flow of traffic in order to let one car turn onto the road ahead of them.


What’s the most annoying driving behavior that you see on the road? What’s the worst experience you’ve had with an annoying driver? 


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Brittany Valli
Brittany Valli
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