90s Commercial Jingles Stuck in Your Head

Catchy commercial jingles have the ability to covertly influence your choices and make you want whatever product is being sold, regardless of the products quality. Subway sandwich? I could go for a fresh five-dollar foot long. “I’m lovin’ it,” is synonymous with McDonald’s golden arches. There is no shortage of jingles on the radio and TV today, but back in the 90s, there were some bangers that are impossible for 90s kids to forget.

1. Kit Kat

There were lots of different Kit Kat commercials in the 90s, all of which used the “Gimme a break” jingle. It still appears on today’s Kit Kat commercials as well.

2. Meow Mix

The Meow Mix song has a long history in commercials, and this trend continued into the 90s, teaching all of us how to annoy the hell out of our parents. We’ll just pretend it’s not a horrible food to feed your cat.

3. Oscar Mayer

Another long-running commercial jingle, kids everywhere wished they were an Oscar Mayer wiener. And they also knew their bologna has a first name — O.S.C.A.R.

4. Chili’s

Every 90s kid (or mostly 90s juvenile females) paid attention to this commercial. Who better to sell ribs than NSYNC?

5. Fanta

The Fantanas were always around to help you when you needed your thirst quenched. Wanna Fanta! Don’t you wanna?

6. Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum

Twins everywhere were pumped when Wrigley’s issued a call for twins to appear in every single commercial they made, ever. Check out the guy whose gut gets sucked in at 0:15.

7. Mentos

Mentos: The mint that helps you solve your everyday problems, without killing someone.

8. Operation

OPERATION! One of the most anxiety-inducing kids’ games ever.

9. Mouse Trap

Half of us didn’t even play the actual game; we just set up the awesome pieces to catch the mice over and over again.

10. Hungry Hungry Hippos

We’re in an eating race! A lot of fights occurred from Hungry Hungry Hippos.

11. Folgers Coffee

The reason they can harmonize like that? Folgers, obviously!

12. Baby Bottle Pop

It really wasn’t the best candy, but we all wanted it. At the time, it also didn’t sound sexual.

13. Nestle Wonder Ball

Who knows what surprises your Wonder Ball can hide?

14. Detrol

Nothing’s worse than having an overactive bladder and no access to a toilet.

15. TUMS

Because when heartburn comes knocking, you can’t wait. TUM, TUM, TUM, TUM, TUMS.

16. Hot Pockets

Love the jingle, love the price, love the taste. Don’t look at the ingredients.

17. Rice-A-Roni

Rice-A-Roni and its accompanying song have been around forever. Wonder how people from San Francisco like it.

18. Bagel Bites

When pizza’s on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime!


What other commercial jingles stuck in your head? Do you think any of today’s jingles will become classics?

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Emily Koo
Emily Koo
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