17 GIFs that Completely Sum Up Graduating College

Being in school 19+ years, you graduate college and all the sudden…no more school. And that’s kind of a crazy concept.

But when the ceremony was over, it was probably just like any other day: overwhelming and loud, lots of squealing girls taking pictures of each other, and a few awkward encounters with ex-lovers thrown in for good measure.

Whether or not you’ve experienced it yourself, here are 17 GIFs that perfectly sum up graduation day.


1. When all of your friends already have their outfits picked out weeks in advance but you still can’t figure out what you’re going to wear.

2. When you finally find a dress that’s way too expensive, but it makes you feel like a princess, so you buy it anyway.

3. When you pre-gamed the ceremony way too hard and you can’t remember which side your tassel is supposed to go on – is it on the left before you graduate and it moves over afterwards, or is it the other way around?

4. When everyone’s taking pictures while you’re doing the opening processional and you’re just like “No thank you, I don’t want to be the person who has a double chin for the rest of eternity on my college’s website.”

5. When you really, really have to pee, but you don’t want to miss anything and not get to graduate.

7. When the commencement speaker is giving a really boring speech and all you can think about is the after party you’re planning on attending.

6. When they finally start calling people to come up for their diplomas and you realize that you’re never going to see that one really attractive person in your Spanish class ever again.

8. When you want to do something memorable after shaking the president’s hand and proceed to make a terrible last-minute decision that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

9. When you open your diploma envelope and realize they withheld it because you forgot to pay that one parking ticket and now you have to go pick it up in the registrar’s office next week.

10. When you mingle after the ceremony, and it seems like everyone else but you has a job lined up after graduation.

11. When everyone somehow thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to start asking you what you want to do with your life.

12. When you realize how many people in the room you’ve hooked up with over the years.

13. When you simultaneously realize how many of your friends have all hooked up with those exact same people.

14. When you see your ex’s family a few feet away, and they wave you over to take a picture together.

15. When that one person you’ve always kind of hated suddenly acts like they’re your BFF.

16. When you hug your actual best friend after the ceremony.

17. When you realize that you actually just graduated.


…What now?

Additional Image: theelegancebanquethall.com



Rachael Decker
Rachael Decker
Rachael is back in the US this year after spending last spring studying abroad in London. Being a writer has pretty much always been her dream job, except that one time in 5th grade when she wanted to be Hilary Duff, but we don't talk about that. Her spirit animal is a mermaid, because she loves to sing and hates wearing pants, and "also that hair thing, I guess."