12 Things You Wouldn’t Want to Touch, Even on a Phone Screen

Phobias are nothing new. There are literally tens of thousands of them out there. Some of them you have probably heard of, like arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders. You might even suffer from one, like triskaidekaphobia, or not really much liking the number 13. Some, like cypridophobia, or the intense fear of prostitutes, maybe not so much.

It’s safe to say that most of us are nomophobic, or terrified of being separated from our mobile phones for long. The latest touchscreen technology has literally revolutionized the way we live life and interact with the world. Which is awesome. Until maybe it isn’t.

Whether or not you suffer from automatonophobia, and freak out any time you see a ventriloquist dummy or wax statute, chances are these 13 pictures will have you cringing about the fact that you actually have to touch your screen to scroll by them.

Don’t worry kittens, you’re not alone. The good news is, you’re not actually touching it. We promise.

Apparently, no, we’re not all pink on the inside.

That’s one big hairy spider.


If you have kiddos chances are good you won’t even flinch at this, but…

Watch out when it gets popped!

Making grown men run screaming since 1869.

Bats: Scary. Rabies: Horrifying.He won’t turn you into a vampire, but there’s a chance he’ll give you rabies.

A reminder to look before you jump in the swimming hole.

There’s gross zombies, and then there’s GROSS zombies.

Swiping past razor sharp sharks teeth is just tempting fate.

It’s like if you touch her, she’ll suck out your soul right through the screen.

Whether or not you like needles, your brain must be screaming “look away, look away!”


Additional images: Wikimedia



Nicole Kurz
Nicole Kurz
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