12 Best Made-In-Oregon Products You Should Own

Everyone loves Oregon, but who knew so many great things were made there?

Here are 12 of our favorite made-in-Oregon products.

Nau Jackets

Based in Portland, Nau blends its ideals to create the perfect balance of performance and style, while always being focused on the company’s environmental impacts and sustainability. Not only does the company create its own designs and innovative fabrics, but it also donates two percent of every sale to environmental causes.

Pendleton Blankets

Since the 1880s, Pendleton blankets have been keeping the people of Oregon warm. Made from 100 percent virgin wool, the blankets were originally made by the native tribes in the area. Even now, over 130 years later, they still have a Native American style with bright colors and patterns.

Boyd’s Coffee

Started in 1900, Boyd’s Coffee has always believed that everyone deserves a good cup of coffee, no matter if they work at a desk on Wall Street or on horseback at a western ranch.

Primecut Bag

Another Portland company, Primecut takes form and functionality and turns them into quality bags that are as unique as you are. By taking the individuality that’s found in nature and in the hides used, each bag has its own characteristics.

Metrofiets Cargo Bike

If a bicycle is your primary form of transportation, you need to consider getting a Metrofiets Cargo Bike. With the perfect combination of old school style and modern innovations, this bike is custom-made and can carry up to 400 pounds. Of course it’s made in Portland!

PDX Carpet Swag

From t-shirts to socks, you can take a piece of the Portland International Airport with you wherever you go. When the airport replaced the traditional, hard airport floor with 14 acres of green-printed carpet, the design soon became a local legend and spawned a whole brand of clothing, PDX Carpet clothes, one which you can now be a part of. The design is so hot right now since the airport is slowly replacing the iconic carpet with a new design, much to Portlander’s dismay.

Rogue Ale

Started in 1988, the Rogue Ale company set out to change the traditional beer business status quo and they’ve been doing one hell of a job at it since then. Starting in 2002, the brewery has received either a gold or silver metal at the World Beer Championship, proving, yet again, that some of the best things in the world come from Oregon.

Tillamook Cheese

Although cheese may not be what Oregon is known for, it’s what Tillamook is known for. Home of the Tillamook Dairy, which started in 1894, the company is not only award winning and farmer-owned, but it’s also been voted America’s best cheese for over a century. (They have tasty Oregon berry ice cream too.)

Olympic Jump Rope

Remember the colorful, segmented jump ropes you used in elementary school? The ones that lasted forever and made the coolest “ting” sound as they bounced off the pavement on the playground? Yeah, well those are are the Olympic Jump Ropes, and you guessed it, they’re made in Portland.

Pink Martini

Started in Portland in 1994, Pink Martini combines classical, jazz, and pop into a calming little orchestra. The 12 musicians that make up the group play around the world in multiple languages, and can often be seen at political and fundraising events.

Olympia Provisions Salami

If you love pork, you have got to try the salami from Olympia Provisions. With 12 different kinds, as well as a wide range of other pork products, Olympia Provisions does everything including butchering, curing, fermenting, stuffing, drying, cooking, and smoking.

Moonstruck Chocolate

When Portland does chocolate, it does it right. At Moonstruck Chocolate, every piece of is handcrafted and hand decorated to create not only a delicious taste, but also a delicacy for your eyes as well.

We’ve listed ours, now we want to know yours! Share your favorite made-in-Oregon products in the comments.




Molly Carter
Molly Carter
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