An Underwater Bar…? Maybe It Will Help With Dehydration

There are a lot of reasons people drink alcohol. Sometimes, its to celebrate, other times its to mourn. Sometimes, you want to enjoy a night you will never forget, other times you want to have a night you never remember. No matter what the reason you are drinking, the one commonality is that you are looking for a mood changer. Of course, the day after you often wish you had looked elsewhere for that influence, as you are left with a headache, dry mouth, and a host of other issues. But, what if you could enjoy a new bar experience that offers something a bit different? At the new Clear Lounge oxygen bar in Cozumel, Mexico, you can find just that.

An Underwater Bar?

OK, so they don’t sell alcohol. But, if you are after a unique tourist experience, the Clear Lounge may be just the experience you are looking for. Built around a 13,000 gallon tank, the clear lounge is a unique underwater oxygen bar. With a helmet being pumped full of 70% oxygen and a special aromatherapy scent of choice, visitors to this new attraction can enjoy all of the joys of a typical bar, minus the alcohol.

What About The Drinks?

If you are looking to get your hands on some of that good old fashion beer, you won’t find it here. But, if it is a good feeling you are after, the concentrated oxygen should do a fine job of helping to achieve just that. Pumping in 70 percent concentrated oxygen, this bar will give you an almost-certain oxygen high, which allows you to get full enjoyment from the unique bar. It also features some fun games, including a special bubble gun setup and good old fashion Jenga designed for underwater play of course. If you really want a drink, they also offer some oxygen-infused smoothies to enjoy. While these might not offer the same buzz that you get from alcohol, it should be a welcome change to your plans.

Avoid The Hangover

Of course, the best part about an underwater bar like this is that you don’t have to worry about that annoying hangover the next day. Since you are not poisoning your body with alcohol, you certainly won’t get dehydrated. Since you are already wearing that silly helmet, you might as well take the opportunity to dance around a bit in the tank. In this way, you can still enjoy some of the same activities you would find at a bar or a club. Whether you are down there at a resort or just stopping in for a day from your cruise, you may want to put Clear Lounge on your next trip’s itinerary.


Do you think this underwater bar is a good alternative to traditional bars? If you were traveling to Cozumel would you make a trip to the Clear Lounge? Let us know what you think in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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