Funnest Fun Runs Of The Summer…Watch Out For Zombies

In the past couple of decades, America has become more and more concerned with its obesity problem. While it still struggles with this epidemic, one of the positive things that has come from this trend is that more and more activities are popping up for people to stay fit. Among those activities, many locations offer some great “fun runs,” which offer a way for friends to get together and go through a challenging yet themed run that can keep them on their toes. While different areas have different runs to offer, here are a few of the funnest fun runs that you might consider participating in this summer.

Run For Your Lives

What better way to make sure you are motivated to run than add in some zombies to escape? One of the funnest fun runs out there, the Run for Your Lives race is sure to get the heart pumping. OK, they aren’t real zombies, but they do take an interesting approach to the event. Each runner gets three flags at the start of the 5k, and if you make it to the end with one of those flags in tact, then you get a medal celebrating your survival. It’s a great training opportunity if you want to be prepared for that zombie apocalypse.

Become A Spartan Warrior

Another exciting race to consider, if you like getting down and dirty is the Spartan Race. This one may be fun, but it is not for the faint of heart. The shortest option for this race is more than 3 miles long and provides more than 15 obstacles for you to overcome. Crawl through the mud, climb walls, jump through rings of fire -nothing is off limits with this one. If you are really fit, you might consider the 8-mile or 12-mile options as well, which include upwards of 20 and 25 obstacles, respectively.

Run For A Good Cause With The Undie Run

When you were in college, you probably remember waking up in strange places with only your underwear at least once. Well, this unique race calls for participants (all college students) to strip down to just their underwear and run. All of the clothing that is left at the starting line is then donated to charity, making for a significant impact when you consider how many people join in on this fun Undie Run.

Bay To Breakers Run

If you live in San Francisco, you already know how colorful things can get there. Well, each year more than 50,000 runners (and many more spectators) gather for the Zazzle Bay to Breakers Run. Though there are no strange obstacles involved in this one, it is definitely one of the funnest fun runs simply because of the outrageous people you see show up. The event calls for colorful and eclectic costumes, and people are more than happy to deliver.

Finding Some of the Funnest Fun Runs in Your Area

Of course, you might find that none of these events are anywhere near where you live. If that is the case, don’t get too upset just yet. There are many other runs out there and finding one nearby could be as easy as hoping over to and searching for events near you.


Have you participated in any of these fun runs before? Which do you think are the funnest fun runs around? Let us know about your experiences below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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