Where Does Your Happiness Come From? Choose To Be Happy

Happiness. People are always striving for it. They go to new places, buy new things, meet new people, but often times, none of these things make them happy. And it’s no surprise. Things do not make people happy. People do not make others happy. Someone has to choose to be happy.

Yes. You read that right, happiness is a choice, and no matter what life throws at you, it’s up to you to be happy with it or to look at it with discontent.

Reset Your Outlook

It’s true some people are more optimistic than others. We all know someone who always sees the glass half full no matter how desolate a situation seems. And we all know those people who have been handed life on a silver platter, but still only see the negative.

But a person’s outlook can be changed and their natural tendency to always look at the negative can be reset to focus on the positive.

It does take some effort, but up to 40 percent of a person’s outlook can be changed with just a little bit of effort. For instance, when people try to be happier and work towards it, they tend to feel better. Just trying to be happy can elevate the mood and increase a person’s overall feelings of well-being.

Make Happiness Your Goal

By making happiness a goal you can literally learn how to be happy.

When we are surrounded by chaos and cluster, it can impact our attempts on happiness. Improving certain traits within ourselves, such as interpersonal, self-management, and career skills, we can make our lives easier and increase our happiness levels.

Value personal growth and make time for those things you enjoy. Not only does this make you feel as if you can be a better person, but it increases your happiness levels too.

It’s the Little Things

It’s not the big things in life that make people happy, but it’s focusing on the little things, those special moments that pass others by without notice. When you stop to smell the roses, and take a moment to appreciate you can even do that, you begin to rewire your brain to take notice of the small things. Rainbows. Children’s laughter. A soaring eagle. No matter what it is, take time and appreciate the moments life gives you.

Be Mindful

According to ABC News, meditation increases happiness, but don’t think you have to go all Buddhist to reap the benefits of mindfulness. By simply slowing down and paying attention to the way the wind feels on your skin or recognizing the people who bring you the most joy, you are making the decision to embrace happiness and increase its presence in your life.

Let Go of the Bad

If there are people in your life that bring you down, eliminate them. If you can’t eliminate them, limit the time you spend around them and learn to stop letting them get to you.

Letting go of past resentments, worries, and fears is important in gaining control over your happiness. Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on being grateful. Gratitude is one of the most significant common factors among happy people.

It’s time to take a stand. Stop waiting around for someone else to make you happy, for your situation to change, for things to get better. Choose happiness. It’s your decision and nobody is responsible for your happiness but you.


What makes you happy? How do you choose to make happiness a priority in your life? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Molly Carter
Molly Carter
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