Bizarre Jobs People Actually Get Paid For

Some jobs require college degrees and years of training. Other jobs are a lot more relaxed, which means you can land them right out of high school. The misconception about these types of jobs is they all come with a low pay-scale. But, there are some oddly easy jobs with high salaries you can live off of for the rest of your life. If you haven’t found your calling yet, here are a few bizarre jobs people actually get paid for.

Professional Cuddling

There are companies, such as Cuddle Up To Me and The Snuggle Buddies, that actually pay workers to snuggle with clients as a form of “touch therapy.” The Snuggle Buddies pay a whopping $40.00 an hour to workers, and all they have to do is rest with a client (which can be of any gender, race, or personality type) on a comfy couch or bed. The cuddle session is never meant to get sexual. However, if a worker feels like they are under threat, they’re allowed to end a session at any time.

Water Slide Testers

There is at least one lucky person in the world who gets to travel around testing out water slides. They aren’t meant to check for damage in the equipment. All they have to do is determine if the water slide provides enough adrenaline and splash. Even though they receive free trips to beautiful locations like Turkey and Jamaica, they also receive an extra £20,000 for their efforts.

Professional Mourners

According to Huffington Post, you can actually rent a mourner for a family member’s funeral. These actors are paid $68 in order to make it look like the deceased was more popular than they actually were. Not only will these professional mourners burst into tears during funerals and wakes, but they’ll also be briefed about the deceased ahead of time, so they’re able to have realistic conversations with the other guests about the dearly departed.

Pet Food Testers

There are some fun jobs that involve food, like ice cream testers and chocolate testers. However, there are also dog food testers, who just happen to be human. Pet food testers make $34,000 to $117,000 a year by checking the texture, flavor, smell, and consistency of products meant for pets. They only have to take a small bite of each food, but there will be hundreds of products they have to taste throughout the year.

Golf Ball Divers

Golfers don’t always land on the green. Sometimes, their balls land in the bodies of water surrounding the course. According to Golf, divers can earn up to $100,00o a year. However, it can actually be a pretty dangerous job. Some golf courses, especially in Florida, have bodies of water that are home to creatures like alligators divers run the risk of bumping into.

Bed Warmers

The warmer your body is, the faster you’ll fall asleep. That’s why Holiday Inns are starting to use professional bed warmers. According to The Telegraph, the hotel chain wants to make their rooms feel cozier, so they’ve hired workers to slip into guests’ beds before they arrive. Each worker is fitted in a special suit that is capable of warming up the bed in as little time as possible. Don’t worry, because the workers keep their hair off the bed and disappear before the guests ever arrive.

Dog Surfing Instructors

There are certain places, such as Helen Woodward Animal Center, that will teach your dogs how to surf for a fee. Each animal is given a life vest and a well-informed human instructor, to make sure the canines don’t get hurt. It’s the perfect job for animal lovers who don’t have the time or money to go to veterinary school.


 Which one of these jobs would you actually consider applying for?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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