Traffic jams get a bad wrap. Most people view them as an unavoidable and inconvenient consequence of being a member of a species that has mastered the use of the motor vehicle (or for some drivers, not mastered the use of one). Never mind the fact we now live in the 21st century and we should definitely all be driving hover crafts anyway, but that’s a topic for another time. Here are some ways to remain productive the next time you find yourself stuck in a jam. And because texting or tweeting on your phone while driving – even while inching along in traffic – is unsafe, we’ve chosen hands-free options.


Exercise Your Brain

Since you’ll be stuck in the seated position for a while, why not work out that grey matter up in your noggin. Practice your multiplication times tables or say the alphabet backwards (or at least make it past U without cursing).


Review Your Survival Plan


If a herd of zombies all of a sudden rushed the front of your car, what would you do? Would you know how to survive? Like they tell you on an airplane, locate your nearest escape routes and plan out your next moves. Start scoping out the people around you too – any Daryls or Ricks nearby? Stick close to them.



Really loudly. Roll down those windows and engage those in the cars next to you. This will also help you bond with your neighbors just in case there does in fact happen to be a zombie herd just up the road.


Start the Biggest Game of Telephone Ever

coolio-claire / Flickr

coolio-claire / Flickr

While those windows are rolled down, try yelling something at the person in the car next to you and tell them to pass it on to the person next to them. See how far your words can circulate before they get back to you in an unrecognizable babble. Then start it all over again.


Start Vlogging

Go ahead, start that Vlog you’ve always thought about creating. Car videos are basically a requirement in every vloggers video queue, so best to get it out of the way and make it your premier video. Plus, that telephone game followed by the zombie apocalypse makes for some pretty great content.


Play the Brake Game

It sounds more dangerous than it is…for the most part. See how long you can go without coming to a full stop. Just know your limits and be kind to the drivers in front of you. Stop if you have to.


Call Your Mother

Just because you live in a state where you can’t have your telephone up to your ear while driving doesn’t mean your mother has to feel the neglect. Call her on speaker and vent about how there are too many people on the planet. Then ask her about her zombie survival plan and make sure she knows you love her.


 What kinds of things do you do to pass the time and stay productive in traffic? Share with us below!


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