An image of Vincent Price "cooking" some meat. (

An image of Vincent Price “cooking” some meat. (

Vincent Price was an American actor, well known for his distinctive voice and performances in horror films, as well as being an avid art collector and for founding the Vincent Price Art Museum in California. What many don’t know is that the guy with the creepy voice from Thriller was also a passionate cook. Alongside his wife, he published a cookbook called A Treasury of Great Recipes: Famous Specialties of the World’s Foremost Restaurants Adapted for the American Kitchen. With the Price’s priceless book being re-released for its 50th anniversary earlier this year, we decided to share with you a look at some of its readers’ favorite dishes.

The official Amazon description reads:

“This book captures an entire lifestyle: the Postwar, globe-trotting, Pan Am, waiters in bow ties, gourmet lifestyle. This is a Mad Men book. No quick-to-the-table Betty Crocker conveniences here. Everything about this book screams ‘gracious dining’.”

Further down the line, one reviewer had this to say:

“It was such a surprise to find that he was a genial man with a nice wife and that they were “foodies” before the term was invented. The cookbook takes us to Europe, Mexico and the U.S., with recipes from famous restaurants abroad. Then we are invited to the Price’s [gourmet] kitchen with advice from A to Z: how to make a Bloody Mary and fold a napkin along with cooking special hot dogs and making brown sauce.”

Another reviewer claims:

“I have been collecting cookbooks for nearly forty years (I was 18 when I started) and of the over 800 books that I have collected, Vincent and Mary Price’s A Treasury of Great Recipes is easily number one. It is not only a great recipe book, it is beautifully pictorial and delightfully anecdotal. I have given at least two dozen of them as gifts when they were available.”

Finally, Kate James reviewed the book as such:

“The best soup I’ve ever made is their vegetable boullion. The best dessert is the orange sections with Grand Marnier. The best shrimp dish is the scampi from the Blue Fox. Best appetizer: marinated beef strips in sour cream from Hawaii. In addition, it’s a beautiful book. I gave my mother a copy, which she loaned to a chef – he stole it! Treat yourself to this one.”

While keeping as objective as possible, the author of this article, thanks to the research involved, has become increasingly hungry and intrigued. He thinks he might just buy himself a copy.


Would you have wanted Vincent Price cooking in your kitchen?