Vid Comp: Accidental Piss, Shit, And Snot…

This one is for all you sick f^#@s out there that saw our “germaphobe” video compilation and thought, “I need more…” This week we’re bringing you a montage of snot, shit, and piss that’s sure to make you extra hungry for anything remotely similar in texture to raw oysters. From snot rockets to twerk sharts, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

Vid Comp: Accidental Piss, Shit, And Snot…

We begin with a trampoline-bouncing woman that has experienced the unfortunate phenomenon of Post-labor Phantom Urination (totally fake name). A few too many bounces and she’s clocking out for good with some of that warm lemonade.

We then take a trip to Giant Douchebag Friend-Land where a Jersey bro pranks (bullies) a friend through a fake “Netflix And Chill” date and the result is equal parts terrifying, aggravating, comedic and sad. What a dick.

A snot rocket here.

Followed by a teenager I’m almost entirely convinced pisses her pants on purpose, for whatever reason teen girls these days do what they do.

The rest of the video is real shitty.


An MMA fighter taps out early (and so does his colon) after a number two punch to the gut. Some would say he really left his mark on that stage…

Finally, showing the true consequences of twerking (or what I like to call “How I Move My Body While Taking A Shit”), we have two different ladies showing what they got (or however slang is used these days). The first shart is nearly silent and mostly deadly, a moment in time indicated by the exaggerated burst of laughter her friend bellows out and the second lady seals the deal on this week’s disgusting ass vid comp.

If you listen real close you can hear the birds chirping.

I mean really, was she just gonna keep going?


Seen any funny accidental piss, shit, or snot videos lately? Have you been on the wrong end of an orifice-gone-bad? Let us know: comment below and share on Facebook!