You ever watch one of Danny Trejo’s movies and just wish you could be like him? If you could be a badass like that, you could get just about anything done. Well, he must have heard the demand, because now he is opening it up so anyone can start being like him. At least he is letting you learn how to eat like him thanks to his new restaurant, Trejo’s Tacos.

Creating Trejo’s Tacos

Like many of the Hollywood badasses, the Danny Trejo you see on screen is not quite what you get in real life. Sure, he is definitely still a badass, but he is actually quite kind and gentle. Sure, you might have heard he spent some time in prison (which is true) and perhaps you heard he has suffered with drug addiction (also true), but more than any of this, Danny Trejo understands his success came for a reason. He lives every day trying to build a better future and truly cares about helping those around him do the same. This shows through by the fact he continues to adopt new dogs from animal rescues -the count is currently at five. It also shows through as he strives for a more sustainable environment, namely in presenting a mostly vegan menu at this new restaurant.

Eating the Danny Trejo Way

Yes, Danny Trejo is a complete badass, and yes, he is presenting a predominantly vegan menu with his new restaurant. Why is he going this route? Likely it has to do with the fact climate change is such a big deal in Hollywood and Trejo is part of this culture. Eating meat is not good for the environment, mainly because a small plot of land can produce thousands of pounds of vegetables and only a few hundred pounds of meat. Of course, just because there will be very little meat on the menu does not mean you can’t get yourself a delicious taco.

Trejo’s Tacos is featuring a variety of amazing dishes, including a fried avocado, black pepper tofu and more. Though this writer can only predict what they will actually taste like, if they are anything like his movies, they are sure to be the absolute best tacos you have ever had. Seriously, if all you know him from is “Machete” or his small role in “Breaking Bad,” go ahead and watch more Danny Trejo. He is awesome in the literal sense (he will fill you with awe). Beyond his guaranteed tasty tacos, he will also be serving up his own coffee brew alongside other homemade beverages. Soon enough, you’ll also be able to grab a craft beer there.

When Can I Go?

So, if you are a human being and not some strange alien slug, you probably want to go there right away. For the foreseeable future, the only location is in California, so if you don’t live there you might have a hard time enjoying the new joint. If you are blessed to live in Los Angeles or nearby, you can get directions on the restaurant website. If you are able to go, you better jump in the car right now, because it is currently open from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. throughout the week. But, don’t get overly excited – the menu is still limited at this time as they work through the kinks and get everything running smoothly. Currently, there is no news as to when it will be fully opened, but keep your eyes peeled.


Are you expecting Trejo’s Tacos to live up to the hype? When do you intend to make your first trip there? Have you had the chance to try it already? Let us know in the comments below!





Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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