The Top 7 Most F*cked-Up Children’s Show Clips

These videos might seem kiddy at first, but make no mistake – they garnered plenty of controversy when they were released for their creepiness (and downright inappropriateness!). Take a look at our top 7 weirdest kids videos, courtesy of the Internet and the people who are still documenting these publicity mistakes.

1. Creepy Yoga Man

Yep, it’s just what it sounds like – a man doing yoga in tight-fitted clothing, talking to costumed barn animals while he stretches. And everyone looks so happy while they’re doing it!

2. Blue: The Explanation

Why did someone think we needed a puppet of an old man to describe the color blue? Could we not have just recruited nice old Mr. Rogers?

4. Not So Happy in Happy World

This television show called “Happy World,” which aired on Denver Public Television, proves that all sorts of things can go wrong due to a lack of budget. And Hagrid looks especially Harry here.

5. Elder Long Necks With Red Mouths 

Apparently, the key to entertaining children is puppets with really long necks – at least that’s what the producers of this Slovakian kids show think. It doesn’t help that all of the puppets are flying across the screen at the same time.

6. The Wiggles Go Rogue

Why did someone assume that puppet versions of “The Wiggles” would be more relatable and entertaining than the actual people? Now we’re just creeped out and wondering what happened to the actors.

7. Giant Robot Sargent

Can’t look away? Neither can we… Hopefully, you weren’t exposed to any of these videos when you were a child. If you were, you’re likely looking back and wondering what producers were thinking!


Do you have a few shows or YouTube videos in mind that fit the bill? Share them with us!



Krystle Vermes
Krystle Vermes
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